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With just 82 cents a day, BenQ Screenbar 2 years warranty has all it takes to save us visiting Optometrist

Eye care is very important for everyone, be it adult or child. And in order to have a good eyesight, we need to have sufficient environment lighting. Needless to say, staying at home when there is not enough daylight, we must create a bright area for ease of reading or when we are on the computer. 

There are ample ways to have a bright environment while we are on our laptop or desktop, working on our assignments. We should adjust our screen brightness until our vision feels comfortable when looking at the screen and ensure a good lighting in our working or study room.

We had to remind ourselves not to look at screens or books in the dark as it can hurt our eyes badly. Just for additional information, if we work for long hours in a bad lighting condition, the human pupil will radial muscle contract when the lighting is too dim, at the same time the pupil's circular muscles will contract when it is under bright light condition. If a human eye keeps working in a bad lighting condition, it will result in eye strains or headaches.

My room lighting at the moment creates a shadow on my desk and I choose to use an eye care gadget for our computer. Recently I bought my child BenQ's screen bar because he has been on online study using the computer during the pandemic. This product has eyecare technology that can adjust the brightness by detecting the lighting condition in the room, and we can adjust it ourself and change the modes too.  

This product is easy to install because it has a counterweight on its back that is weighted and it can be placed easily on top of the monitor screen. It is very stable in terms of balancing and powered by USB cable.  

BenQ screen bar is basically a desktop light that can be mounted on any computer monitor. This can also be used as a table lamp for reading and doing work as it function separately on it's own.

It is very easy to mount on any monitor and there is a smaller screenbar version for laptop too.

Before BenQ's screenbar, the working area is so dimmed.

After BenQ's screenbar, the desk area is well lit and bright

In my opinion, even though the price is a whopping RM 599, through a long run, I think it is very worth it. My son feels comfortable and no longer complains about not able to see clearly when there is a reflection or in the dark.

Do check out our review in youtube too.

Best of all, it has a 2 years warranty. I am rest assured of no hassle transporting the item to BenQ due to warranty. Well, if you divide RM599 over 2 years, its merely 82 cents per day plus a saving not needing to visit optometrist.

If you need more information, check out the links below:

BenQ Screenbar - https://bit.ly/3rZYeAA

Lazada - https://bit.ly/2OR67Kj

Shopee - https://bit.ly/3bItmiy

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