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GETBATS - our new favourite rebate platform

Festive Raya season is near and we love shopping for new clothings, electrical, beauty products and household items. Since physical shopping is pretty tricky during the Covid 19 season, lets get the best from online shopping.

Here are a few steps on how to save or gain extra pocket money this pandemic that you may find it useful:

1, Try to make a money plan by calculating the amount of food needed each month. By doing this, we will not be tempted to buy extra and this could prevent excessive food from going bad. This will definetely save some money.

2, Joining contests that can win some cash or goodies on social media. There are contests popping up on Facebook or Instagram, you might just be the lucky one.

3. Sell unused items in the house. Got anything that is unused for a very long time? Sell it in any online shopping app such as Carousell or Mudah.my. If you are uncertain on the price to value on the item, search the internet for the product, try selling it cheaper than anyone else in order to attract more viewers and purchasers.

4. Sometimes we had an eye on something that we always wanted and waiting for the sales. Now, checking out rebate platforms like GETBATS, Shopbacks, Rebate Mango and Shopee to get the best deal from our purchases is highly recomended.

Let me share my favourite rebate platform app called GETBATS. As a mum, getting groceries is a must and ever since the pandemic started, I had opt to purchase it online. GetBats gave me cash rebates and I could withdraw it as low as it reached RM10. The cash reabates on purchases are varies from 1% to 5% depending to the promo of the month.

By using GETBATS, I am able to shop at my favourite stores without any worry. From big brands and big names like Sephora, Nike and Adidas, to exclusive stores like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada, we are being guarantee that every purchase we make through GetBats will earn us extra cash rebates.

Just remember: when you do shop with GetBats, GETBATS must be the last link you’ve clicked on, before you make your purchase. It’ll ensure that your rebates get to you. Also remember to keep the GETBATS app open, until after your order has been confirmed, that way you can be sure that GetBats know you’ve made a purchase and calculate your rebates for you.

GetBats offers are updated constantly, so keep an eye out for those seasonal offers, and those time limited offers, because once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

In comparison to other rebate apps, GETBATS has a higher rebate value for some of the items that I intend to purchase. For limited offers, the rebates on GETBATS app are on top of the sales offered and it has more options of shops with a simpler apps features which makes it easier to browse. One of the highlights is that GetBats rebates are instant!!

At current, if you download the GetBats mobile app, you will stand to win an Iphone12.

Wait no futher, do check out GETBATS from 
https://getbats.com/en/index.phtml and refer a friend to earn yourself additional rebates from your friend's shopping. 

Here is my referral link and lets get ourselves some rebates for this Raya!


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