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Title: BEEF UP! 2 to 5 min each side grilling is all it takes for a nice steak and beef dishes!

True aussie beef is imported fresh from Australia and from cows that are grass-fed, grain-fed, organic and breed. and not genetically modified. Australian beef is naturally low in fat and offering high omega 3 fatty acids. This type of meat can also be called red meat, which consists of many nutrients such as great  source of protein, iron, zinc and other essential nutrients. Because of this, it is a very healthy diet for families and especially children.


The good thing about true aussie beef is that it can be found in many supermarkets, and it is also easy to cook . The Australian red meat industry has a global reputation as a supplier of clean, safe and natural products, because happy cows make good steak. The cows are also fed with grass and it is 100% Muslim friendly.

Beef plays an important role in the Malaysian diet, especially among Muslim consumers. Australian beef imported into Malaysia is halal compliant, adhering to strict standards required for producing halal meat and meat products. If you don't know, beef actually has more nutrients than chicken, the image below shows how much nutrients 100 gram of chicken and beef has.

for the source of this image, click here

Also, Australia is the second largest beef supplier to Malaysia. According to the MLA Global Consumer Tracker Malaysia, Malaysia has comparatively high beef consumption. About 7kg per year. Compared to average 5.4kg. Sometimes the amount of nutrients may vary depends on the body part. for example:

Recently I joined Beef Up Webinar and Tasting, which is an online event that talks about healthy diet and aussie beef was mentioned too. Lunching true aussie beef, a beef up toolkit, apron, a cooler bag of vacuum-packed True Aussie, 200g chilled halal striploin and 200g yakiniku halal beef slices and I am up for a beefy encounter in my kitchen. 

The toolkit comes with a knife, a food thermometer, some strings for beef and some recipe cards explaining how to cook steaks to your liking, namely rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. 

Let me share some of the findings in the webinar. Sanjay Boothalingam speaks on how Australian beef, lamb and goats are renowned for their quality, safety and halal compliance. Australia Malaysia halal red meat trade is strong on regulatory and has a food safety framework that underpins this important trade relationship. 

Mary Easaw then speaks on nutrition from beef and lamb, the health qualities of red meat, why we need red meat and how it benefits us. It's always best to practice suku suku separuh to know how much we should eat. Half plate of colourful vegetables, quarter carbohydrates, and quarter protein protein is all it takes for a healthy meal. And how much of meat per serving intake per person? Take it as the size of the palm of your hand. ;) It's also a great information to know the differences between Haem Iron - those comes in animal sources such as meat are more well absorbed than Non-Haem Iron from plant and beans.

Chef Victor Chow then share some recipes on how to cook beef in many ways. It's amazing how fast you can cook a steak, as it just need a few minutes and we can enjoy nice texture of the steak with some nice simple prepared sauce. Be it on grill, stir fry or for shabu shabu. Chef Victor Chow shared his recipe for Pan Seared Striploin and Broccoli Salad with Black Pepper Garlic Teriyaki Sauce, Stir-fried Beef with Leafy Greens and Black Bean Chilli and Air-fried Steak Salad Nicoise Style.

We often put our newly purchased beef direct to freezer and a great tips on storing beef meat. We can actually store inn our chiller for 3 day before we cook, and if we decided not to cook the beef as yet, we can store in freezer after 3 days to ensure the freshness of the beef. Colouration of beef occurs due to the storage condition, and it may get darker. Shall meat turn into green, it is spoilt and cannot be consumed. 

Having me working from home and with kids running around the house, let me show you my prep for fast cooking using the True Aussie Beef for a quick family lunch and dinner. Not so fancy, but we had the same nutrition too. 

Prepping sharp knife for steak and ingredients to marinate.

Marinate about 15 minutes to get the steak flavourful. Not forgetting butter or palm oil greasing a bit to the steak before putting it into grill. Not the other way round ie putting the oil into the pan and grill it. 

I would like my steak medium well to well, so its about 3.5 min grill each side and here is the outcome! Pop in some brocolli and potatoes during the grill and we have got one wholesome meal. 

The texture of the steak is soft and yummy! Kids love it and best of all it doesn't take much time to prepare. 

If you would like to watch the whole process of me making the steak above and mala cabbage stir fry with beef strip, do check out my videos reel that I had posted in Instagram and also full video in Facebook. 

I love chinese stir fry and love love mala cabbage dish, perfect with beef strip. HEAVENLY!!!

While, here is my Video on my shabu shabu beef, perfect for supper ;P. Did I say kid can eat every hour? So half beef strip for my cabbage for dinner and half for supper shabu. Super jimat.

There's plenty of recipes that you can find online, https://www.trueaussiebeefandlamb.my/recipes/

For more information, please do check out https://www.trueaussiebeefandlamb.my/

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