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Science begins at home! Live pupa to a butterfly - Checking out ButterflyReptile.com

We are preventing kids from going out this MCO to protect them from the ongoing pandemic. But this means kids have no minimal or close to non outdoor activities, not to mention going to zoos or butterfly sanctuary. They might be bored and sad at home after sometime just like my son, who likes nature and zoology. 

We found butterflyreptile.com which lets us adopt butterfly pupa for RM 20. It comes with a jug to put the pupa and a butterfly pupa. Took some time to arrive.


When it arrived, my kids were amazed as this is their first time seeing a butterfly's pupa. To let it grow, the kids must hang it in the jug following the guide and keep the jug humid every day by spraying some water in daily. Kids are also surprised to see the pupa move at some times when it is slightly touched. It arrived in the color green.

The jar set came with a step by step guideline and care tips!

My kids will check the butterfly out every single day, keeping track on it's growth. They then noticed the pupa is getting darker and less green. They seem to be worried if they had been doing it right as it looks sick or dying. But it is actually the caterpillar inside growing wings that changes the color.

Approximately one week later, the pupa has gone completely dark with some white spots. The truth reveals and they are super excited and confident that it will hatch tomorrow. Or even better, see it hatch on the spot. 

After one sleepless night, obsessed on the butterfly, came the next day. Jaden very surprised to see two wings instead of a pupa in the jug now, happily, he awaked us. It hatched! The wings are in blue, white, brown, black and yellow. We rarely see this kind of butterfly. 

At the early hours, the butterfly is still afraid to exit the jug and stayed inside. sometimes peeking at us. Then, it climbed onto the leaf near it. we are happy to see it's wings spread. Only to take off in the  afternoon. The pupa shell had become transparent, leaking out some white fluid.        

Do adopt one, as its only RM20 per starter jar set per pupa at this link https://www.ticket2u.com.my/event/18457/adopt-a-butterfly-melaka-butterfly-reptile-sanctuary

I am sure your kids and family will enjoy the pupa transformation as we did. Science begins at home! 

For a video about the process, watch our records: 

They are also recently promoting Lawatan Maya Taman Rama-Rama & Reptilia Melaka. Only RM6.90 per family! Watch the Anaconda, Crocodile, Butterfly, Largest Insects, King Cobra and many more!  

For more information, please check out:

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