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Learning Mind Mapping 101 online from ILearnFromCloud.com

Sometimes we have problems when thinking or making decisions in our lives. One good solution to that problem is to use mind mapping. Other than using it for thinking or making decisions, you can use it for your studies. There are an easier way to do without scribbing on paper as learning online from our computers made possible with ILearnFromCloud.com.

Recently my son attended a mind mapping online course at ilearnfromcloud.com, which teaches him the importance of mind mapping and guide on how to download a mind mapping software, called Freemind. This is a software especially made to make mind maps without the use of paper. Other than that, the course thought him how to use the software easily.  

From the first few lessons, he learned how to download freemind. If you do not have java, you should download it as it is required. Other than that, it also teaches him the basics of how can you insert child nodes, sibling nodes or deleting them using shortcuts easily. Other than that, you can insert icons to your mind map to mark which are to focus more or important tips.

Following the basics, he learned about edge styles, that lets him change the text color, formatting the nodes, which lets you change the node's color. One important thing is about adding hyperlinks. This enables us to get more information easily as it will link us direct to the web. Images also can be added to the mind map for reference.  Clouds are added to gather the nodes to one group. At the last lesson he learns how to export and print the mind map.

Upon finishing the course, he received an e-certificate, which we printed out. The certificate below is my son's.

With this, he can make mind maps for his class notes in the future or even at making decisions. Mind mapping allows creative thinking, as you will think further when you create your mind map. It will enhance the thinking and evaluate the pros and cons of that selection in your mind map. At school, it makes a great memorizing tool.

Other than this mind mapping course, there is more courses you can find ie. the art of problem solving and From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.

If you would like to know more, do visit: iLearnFromCloud.com

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