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Keeeping your child safe with myFirst Fone R1

Whenever you bring your child out or when they go to school, we constantly worried of them getting lost or in trouble. Letting them bring a phone for calls may be risky as it may get lost or stolen. To prevent that, we need something that can track them and also send SOS signals beaides making call and video calls.


Recently I got my kids a smartwatch called myFirst Fone R1, which is a kid sized smartwatch. We just need to pair it with our phone and a sim card must be in the watch. It is compatible with both android and iOS. With that, we can track them using the app called MyFirst Fone. 

I can turn on classroom mode for them during classes, which only allow them to see time, their steps and health status. The watch could alert us when our child take it off.

During emergency, kids can hold a button,  record a short message and immediately send a SOS message to us. When it is sent, the phone will make a very loud siren sound and tell us the kids coordinates immediately. 

The watch also comes with a music player that can store up to 500 songs for them to listen whenever they are. Kids can also use the built in camera to take a shot.

 This watch can also help them wake up in the morning with the alarm. The watch also comes with three color variations.

We downloaded some songs into it and was amazed with the sound quality too. We tried the SOS signals and the calls will need data if you want to use it without Wi-Fi. 

We have gotten ours from ShopeeMY.

Do check out the availability at other platform too!

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