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Lovely gathering place at Xinga Hotpot

Xinga hotpot is a hot pot restaurant that features a retro Hong Kong style. You can choose different soups that fits your taste such as Mala, Fish tripe chicken broth, and clear soup, we tried the fish tripe chicken soup and it is one of the bestsellers there. 

You can start your meal with one of their upcoming appetizers like their fried tou fu pok, which is crunchy and mouthwatering. More appetizers or sides will be coming soon in the future. Things you can cook includes clams, meat, fu zuk, homemade fishballs and many more. Among what we had are Xinga Combo, Black Truffle Prawn Paste, Ebiko Prawn Paste, Mushroom Pork Paste, and Chilli Cuttlefish Fish Paste.


Like most hot pot restaurants, it also has a self service sauce bar where you can customize your own sauce to fulfill your taste.

They have a collaboration from Kai Ice, a shaved ice brand which serves shaved ice as a dessert in the restaurant that you can add on after the hot pot meal. You can order it through the menu. There are two flavors: chocolate and calamansi. if you are not fit to eat sour food, chocolate is better for you. A can of Xia Ku Cou will also be available to order.

The top floor is a bar area which serves drinks and refreshments. You can host a small party up there as it can fit up to 30 people. but if you need privacy, you can go to the karaoke rooms.

In the second floor, there are 4 private rooms, 3 smaller rooms for 6 people and 1 medium room for up to 10 people which are equipped with Karaoke system. Perfect for family or office gatherings. With the room, a family can sing songs and enjoy delicious food.

the corridor to the karaoke rooms

This restaurant brings a nostalgic retro Hong Kong style, which makes a good and memorable gathering environment for you and your family. The food there is very nice, especially the fish maw and chicken broth that we ordered. eating noodles with the broth is marvelous.

Check them out at:
Facebook: fb.com/xingapot
Instagram: @xingapot

Where is This?
Xinga Pot 鲜家煲
No. 58 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor),
Jalan SS 21/58,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Hotline: +6017-771 6522

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