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A fun Agro Adventure at Selangor Fruit Valley

Recently we went to Selangor Fruit valley. Here is Jaden's review on the place during the media review and hope it will be fun for your kids too. Selangor Fruit valley is a fruit farm where you can learn about agriculture and have fun at the same time. There are many entertaining attractions there to see and interact with.

When we arrived, we were brought to the pavilion via tram ride. the tram is like a train but with rubber wheels that can go on normal roads. It was wobbly but fun. 

We are then greeted with breakfast at the pavilion along with an introduction talk.  The pavilion is a place that has public restrooms, stores, a restaurant and a place for events. They introduced us to the history of the farm and the new production from Selangor Fruit Valley called Ehsan. There is a Ehsan bag which costs rm10 per bag of either one of these fruits: rambutan, mangoesteen or starfruit which can be purchase at a specific location during the season - do check out their website from time to time for this offer and locations. The highlight is the tissue culture used for their plants, which increases seed growth from 1 to 20 on rambutans as an examples which is very amazing and does speed up agriculture at a whole.

After the briefing, we are brought onto a tractor pulled cart for people and headed to the deer farm. The tour guide did mention fruit species that we encountered on our way such as Mstar 123, Belimbing, Nenas Madu ND2 4.2kg and nangka J33 Nangchem. Nangka J33 Nangchem is a hybrid of a jackfruit and Cempedak, which makes it have a unique taste. 

Selangor Fruit Valley

As we reached the deer farm, we are given some long beans to feed the deers.  There are two species of deers, the regular one and white spotted deers But we are only allowed to feed the normal deers. It was a fun experience to see and feed deers of all ages. The cutest ones are the babies. 

We boarded the tram next and headed to the rabbit farm. 

The rabbit farm is an area where you can touch and see rabbits. There is also one area where a man will put a bunch of baby bunnies on your body to take photos with. You can also touch those cut little fluff balls. there are also some guinea pigs and hedgehogs where you can pet and hold.

Surprisingly, the hedgehog's spines are quite soft and will not really puncture your skin easily. There is also one area where you can feel and see newborn rabbits, they are pink and very small. 

Next to it, there is a corner where you can do longkang fishing, and bring them back home which I did. They will provide small fish tanks too at a small fee.

We headed to the guava farm after seeing the animals, where they let us cut fresh guavas to bring back. All the guavas are packed in plastic bags on the trees to prevent bugs from damaging it. These guavas are applely -  fresh, crunchy and sweet. That is the only place where we are allowed to pick some fresh fruits. Well, the place is hot, so do prep yourself with sunscreens - hat at least (which we did not ;p)

Next, we headed to the duck farm. Over there, we get to make our own salted eggs to bring back. You have to wash the duck eggs first. Then, dip them into a mixture of soil, salt and vinegar. After it is fully covered, cover them with black rice husks and your salted egg is ready. You just have to store them for 10 days before eating them. 

There is a duck coop just beside this place to see ducks; with 2 species inside, one with black and brown feathers and white ones. You can witness the duck's behavior and play with them. You just have to be careful of the duck poop on the ground.

After a long day in the sun, we headed to the kampung house, where we are served with their signature Kelapa pandan.  They taste sweeter and very fresh. they also prepared fruits and fried fruits for us to enjoy.

Here, one can visit kampung house to see the interior. For someone who had not entered a kampung house before, it will be an amazing experience. There are also bird farms next to it - featuring turkeys, gaggles, chickens and many more. You can also go to the goat pen to see goats.

We boarded the tram and headed back to the pavilion to take photos and eat lunch. on the way, the guide introduced some fruit species we saw on the way, which included Rambutan gading, the season of the fruits is at July to September. Not forgetting the glass house featuring salads, grapes and others!

Back to the main hall, there will be a Herbs Garden next to the souvenir area.

After a good lunch break, we watched a traditional Selangor performance at the main square. It was great and they even asked some of the spectators to dance with them. We then got our goodie bags and went to the temporary petting zoo to take pictures with snakes, lizards and parrots. It was a great experience after all. We then boarded the tram back to our car.

I do recommend to go to this place especially for kids. They can learn about fruits, animals while having lots of fun there. The entry price for children and senior citizen is Rm 10, while the price for adults is Rm 15. But for non Malaysians, the price is Rm 25 for children and Rm30 for adults.

Where Is This?

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  1. Bestnya dapat makan buah segar, melawat ladang, dah macam rasa balik kampung je kan.. nanti ada cuti, nak ke sini juga laa..

  2. Wow this is so fun and engaging especially for the children, they can learnt about farming too.

  3. bestkan mcm2 aktiviti boleh dilakukan di sini. anak pun enjoy juga ❤️