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Unique theme dine at Xiao Er Kuchai Lama小二客栈

小二客栈 is a Chinese restaurant featuring 3d steamboat and sichuan style food. The restaurant decor reflects an ancient Chinese aesthetic which gives out a nostalgic and very special feeling. If you are a Chinese ancient movie fans, you will know Xiao Er means waiter.

There is a wishing well here too ;)

The food here is really good, especially their chili fried chicken, which is crunchy, spicy and has a numb feeling because of the Sichuan peppers. There are many other foods too like fried rice, crayfish and 3d steamboat.

Speaking of ancient Chinese, the beer is served in traditional pots with a "酒" label and are poured into bowls instead of glasses, which is very special and makes the experience much more fantastic. 

The crayfish here is reared downstairs in a pond instead of frozen ones, which is fresh. And the pond is named after the place where the legendary monkey king originated from. You can also see plush monkeys on the plants beside. 

The top floor features some private rooms with different themes such as Disney, avengers, ghost, Chinese city and monkey king. The rooms themed Disney, monkey king and chinese city can occupied 16 people, while the avengers and the ghost themed one can fit 6 persons. You need to book in advance for the rooms as it's first come first serve. This is great for events, parties or just a family gathering. 

The mickey mouse and Disney themed room is great for a child's birthday party.

The special wallpaper makes the doors look invisible. The staff highlighted that customers cant find the doors previously, that is why they added signs above the doors.

The ghost themed room is kind of creepy as there is two pictures of  ghosts staring at you while you eat your delicious meal - so this is definitely for the thrill seekers.

The Avengers themed room. Great for people who likes the Avengers and Marvel comics. This room can sit 6 peoples.

The whole place is really well designed, the common area is also very nice. The below resembles a wishing tree and there is also a real altar area to pray below the tree.

Here are the menu for ala carte and some add on dishes to the hotpot.

This restaurant has a special charcoal pot and you can choose different soups and meat for each layer. Each charcoal pot starts from Rm 98 to Rm 358 and the price depends on the meat that you chose. 

Where Is This?


45, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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