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20 Activities to occupied the kids this MCO

During this mco, kids might get very boring at home. Therefore, you should engage some activities for them to do at home. Instead of playing games every day.


you can let them try cooking meals for the whole family while supervising them. At the same time, you can teach them about cooking styles and about this life habit. This activity is safe and fun. Even Jaden felt satisfying about his homemade fried rice.

                                   He said: i thought it is hard but surprisingly it's very easy and fun!

This can boost up their confidence in speech and in the same time brings entertaining and fun moments.
Below in this picture is Jaden and April playing about defeating Covid-19. Did took a funny video about it1

THREE ;Teaching them new life skills. Example like cooking, computer programs, chores, etc..

For an example, here is April learning how to boil rice for the first time. It was a joyful experience for her and it also teaches her the amount of rice she needs to cook for 4 persons.  

FOUR: enjoy snacks with the family during teatime to lighten up your mood. 

During this moment, the family can talk with each other and share stories or play some board games or card games. This activity can bond the family and also entertain the kids.

Me and jaden enjoying some popsicles during teatime.

FIVE: spend some time on video games 

Doesn't mean that video games are not good.  Kids should also have some time on them. Just like jaden, he plays Minecraft every day to  entertain himself while feeling bored. Even April will play with him sometimes.(recommended to do 24/7)

SIX: playing with card games or board games.
Card or board games can gather the family to interact with each other. This activity can entertain the kids and sometimes train their mathematics! Especially UNO. The card game below is called: You've Got Crabs. It is a game that you need to split into teams and talk using gestures and motions only.

SEVEN:pillow fights before bedtime
This can make them lose energy faster while having fun. If your  child feels not sleepy, a pillow fight is how to deal with it! To make it more fun, you can make a border. Whenever the opponent gets beaten out of the border, he or she loses.

EIGHT:make a diy escape room at home. 
This can be a fun and easy activity. you can seal a door up with tape and find the scissors, but the scissors are being padlocked. Hide the keys somewhere and give a clue.When escaped, give some sweets or snacks as prizes. This activity will ensure you hours of fun!

NINE:make your own card games/board games
Cant find any card or board game with your favorite characters at the store? Try making them yourself!
Very easy. For card games, you can use manila cards and draw on them. Just remember to explain the rules after drawing and have fun! For the board games, you can use cardboard and glue a piece of paper on it and draw. Players can use existing board game characters to play too.

TEN:try baking some bread or cookies
Just like cooking,this can teach your kids some new skills. Other than that, you can let them know the process of the everyday item, bread. This can save money and health as going out is dangerous at these days.

ELEVEN:watch some movies
Ahhh, after all those activities, lets just sit down, turn on the tv and watch your desired movie. This can entertain your kids and may also improve their speaking. During this mco, Jaden even watched ALL the star wars movies! (He also became a fan of it instantly XD)

TWELVE: Read some storybooks
This activity can improve your kid's vocabulary, grammar and writing. Try taking some time every day and sit down with your favorite storybook. Encyclopedias are also a good thing as it teaches them more about our world, science and many more. They may even say:"I see pictures in my mind when reading this book with no pictures!"

THIRTEEN: drawing 
Kids can show their imagination by drawing. They can draw their own comics or just doodle in  their sketch book. This can also show their own custom inventions or even what are they thinking currently.

FOURTEEN: play with lego
Lego is basically some interlocking plastic bricks that can build almost anything. With that, kids can build any toy they want and can be dismantled and built again. This can train their creativity and let them think out of the box.

FIFTEEN: play pretend
After watching your favourite movie or cartoon show, lets pretend to be the main characters! Sometimes kids will look at certain objects and imagine other things. For example: Thinking a stick is a lightsaber. To be a jedi master, just take your blanket and think its a robe! Gun? Banana! Car? Box with car livery!

SIXTEEN:do some art and crafts
Get creative! try taking out some recycled materials and start crafting! You can also give your kids crafting challenges like: craft a monster, vehicle, dream house ,etc. Give them some cardboard, scissors ,
paint and glue. When they are done, pick the one that looks nicer.

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