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Beautiful sights and worthful visit to Oceanarium, Melaka

The Shore Oceanarium is an aquarium located at The Shore Melaka. It is an interactive aquarium that consists of  3D cinema and many other things that I will be talking about it later. This aquarium also features many species of sea creatures and interesting exhibits

Upon entering the aquarium, the counter will give you 3D goggles and souvenirs. You can also buy fish food at RM10 each for the feeding frenzy at the end. After that, you will need to go through a sanitization chamber. There are no toilets inside so you have to go to the mall's toilet before entering. Then, you can take photo at the photo booth before going to the aquarium. The photos can be purchased at the souvenir store at the end of the visit.

When you first enter the aquarium, there is a touch pool where you can touch a few kinds of sea creatures such as horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers, harmless sharks, stingrays, starfish and sea urchins that are not that sharp. This zone is great for kids to feel their's skin and body especially the shark's skin that looks smooth but it is actually rough!

This aquarium features many cool places to take pictures as there are many props that involves neon or light up animals and statues of sea creatures. 

The magical aquarium features a special aquarium which the water will not flow out even when there is a hole on the tank to another small pool. It uses some kind of vacuum technology to prevent the water from flowing out. Beside the special fish tanks shows some fish and crab species that we might no heard of  before. 

The next section has a few exhibits including a planted tank exhibit, vertical planting system, some turtle species and a jungle section that has reptiles, snakes, insects and hedgehogs. In my opinion, the most interesting part in that area is the lungfish exhibit that shows a very sad looking lungfish that barely moves and looks very funny.

After that, there is a frog life cycle section where they show you live samples of each stage of frog life. it is very amazing to see frog eggs for the first time and it is very small in size. We are then greeted with the 3D cinema that is showing the life cycle of a sea turtle. There are seats but there is a lot of peoples at that time so we have to stand. Through what I hear there are a place where it can emit water vapor to make the experience more intense.

After watching the short film, we headed to an area called 'River Story' and 'Shark quest' that shows both freshwater and saltwater fishes. There is a roof tank that contains stingrays and blacktip reef sharks. This place has a lot of  augmented reality photography zones where you and your family can take photos.  

For people who likes sea shells, there is a sea shell museum that displays many types of seashells that you might not seen before. From small to big, shiny, spiky and many more types. There is even a massive abalone shell! 

If you like to take photos there is a small trick art area that you can take photos with.

After taking some photos, we went to a place that shows a small laboratory that research about fishes and sea creatures.

If you want a feeling of an infinite space, there is an section with mirrors in every corner and cylinder tanks with glofish inside. The place looks big but it is actually smaller than you think because of the mirrors. There is also a big tank in the middle that you can go in to take photos.

The next zone is good for kids as it is interactive. There are tiles that will change color when being stepped on and a light musical show that will start in certain times.

After that, we went to an area that features big freshwater fishes in a big cylinder aquarium. There are arowanas, carp and many other species inside. Some small tanks containing small fishes also surrounds it. There is an exhibit beside it titled "living fossil" which has animals that have been living on earth for a very long time. There is also jellyfish, lionfish and stonefish.

At the last exhibit, we can use the fish food we bought at the entrance to feed the fishes. you can see how all of the fishes rush to the place the food drops to get the food as fast as they can and it is quite entertaining to watch.

After feeding the fishes, we headed to the gift shop. It has many nice souvenirs such as keychains, fridge magnets and many more. There are also plush toys of sea animals such as turtles, sharks, fish and seahorses. 

Through my overall experience, I like how this aquarium makes a lot of interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike. It is also very educational about sea creatures and living things. With this place, kids can have fun while learning.

Where is this?

The Shore Oceanarium
Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, Kampung Bunga Paya Pantai, 75100 Melaka
06-282 9966

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