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Fancy Husky, Shiba? Lots of them at Huskitory, Melaka

The Huskitory is a place where you can play with dogs while chilling with drinks. There are 2 sections that is the main one where you can play with the huskies and another section upstairs for Shiba and Akita inus. Walk ins are not accepted and you have to book a space for you and your family. There are few species downstairs including huskies, and two other white dogs. 

🕛Biz hour : 11am - 8.00pm (Close on Monday)

🎟️RM28/pax Adult 🎫RM20/pax (Children <90cm)

✅Session Time
A) 11.00am - 12.00pm
B) 12.15pm - 1.15pm
C) 1.30pm - 2.30pm
D) 2.45pm - 3.45pm
E) 4.00pm - 5.00pm
F) 5.15pm - 6.15pm
G) 6.30pm - 7.30pm

When you enter the building, you will be seated to wait for the huskies to prepare. After preparation, the staff will guide you on how to feed them snacks and do's and do not's. The huskies will then rush out of a door upon command. They will run around the room for a while and then settle down. 

Some of the dogs don't really like getting touched but some of them will literally lie down and ask for belly rubs. But once all of the dogs know you have food, all of them will gather around you and stare at you. It looks very funny and sometimes they will try to get the food by jumping. The staff will provide the proper way to feed them, because they might accidentally bite your hand. After you feed some huskies, they will do tricks like shake hands. 

After some time, the staff will command some huskies to sit on your lap for a photo. There is also a toddler husky that you can carry and take photos. When it is almost times up, we have to sit on the couch and the staff will command the huskies to sit in place to take a picture. The staff does not allow us to take a photo of that with our phones and you must buy the photo with a frame or just the photo. Cost of 2 photos with digital copy plus a photo frame cost us RM78. You can request a digital copy by giving them your email address.

There is an option to visit more dogs upstairs after the husky section at RM10 additional per pax for another 45 minutes. Since we are already there, we headed to the Shiba inu section upstairs. The dogs are already out from the room they stay when we came in. The staff then introduced us about Shiba and akita inus, saying that these dogs are popularized by the story of  Hachiko and memes on the internet as these dogs can make funny faces. After the introduction, we can sit down and carry the Shiba inus, which are very small in size. There is also a small black Pomeranian which does not really like to get carried and always fights with one of the Shiba inus. The Akita inus are more quiet compared to the Shibas. You can't feed the dogs here but you get to play fetch with them.

example of a shiba inu meme

elon musk holds a shiba inu

Next session is the appearance of 2 baby huskies. Merely months old and they are cuddly. The finale ends when we are required to clap our hands continuously so that these dogs gets the signal that they are to return to their rooms to rest.

My mum's thought: Pricey for the visit, super great for a nice family photo. The dogs here are well trained to listen to instruction and will not roam to us if there is no food. Packets of food is at RM5 for a small pack. 
So, literally you will want to get more food coz you want them to be around you. We will have to hold the food longer, so that the whole family can see the dog before they go away. haha. 

Younger kids are not advisable to feed them. I tried feeding once and since huskies are huge, they will fill your palm with their tongue and its filled with their saliva. Sorry I am not a big dog fans, so daddy did all the feeding. April basically freak out. I personally love normal dog cafe with smaller dogs (the one that I love at Bandar Puteri Puchong is Ngong Ngong Dog - at least I can hold it longer than 15 minutes even without any food in hand. 

Do note :Advance payment required for 4pax and above and personal pets & outside food are Not Allowed. Do visit The Huskitory On Time according the reservation time. 

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