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We fix our ZINUS bed frame and unbox our ZINUS mattress when it reach home!

Mattress can now deliver in a box? Betul ke? Well, its true as we had been to ZINUS mattress showroom today at Puchong Jaya to find out more! ZINUS earns the No. 2 spot in both our ratings of the Best Budget Mattresses and Best Budget Memory Foam Mattresses of 2022. 

They got lots of affordable mattress to choose from and literally we spent about 3 hours there asking all the questions, why this? Whats that? How is it?... plus 5 min sleep on each mattress to find which suits us. Not one mattress suits all- hence the timing. Not that I am choosy but so many nice comfy one. 

My son likes softer ones that's why he chose a mattress with a softness level of 6. It has a function that cools the mattress before you sleep on it.

Plus really rambang mata to choose the bed frame that we wanted.

We had chosen a set! We chosen the UltraCool series iCoil 2.0 Latex and Cool Gel Memory Foam Box Top Mattress.  Can't wait for it delivered, test our DIY skill and have a comfy mattress to sleep on!

Zinus mattresses are delivered airtight and rolled and stored in a box. Like this, the mattress will be hygienically delivered to your doorstep without bedbugs. Unlike conventional mattress packaging, the airtight seal makes a vacuum inside the mattress and any living organism inside will die due to no oxygen. 

With this way of delivery, it is easy to move it up a condo and does not need a permit. Normal mattresses needs a moving company to help but you can easily put a Zinus mattress box into an SUV or a mini MPV. If you buy a bedframe, it will be in separate boxes. The bedframe comes with a special Allen key to tighten the screws on the bedframe. With that, you do not need to turn it 360 degrees to make a turn because it has a special mechanism. The bedframe has 5 years of warranty while the mattress has 10 years of warranty.

The mattresses here have different softness categories, with 5 being the softest.  The hardest one we saw is 9. Many of the beds have cool gel memory foam and latex in it, and some with a special memory foam called green tea memory foam that is made with green tea extract. 

The showroom in Puchong is very nice and welcoming as it has a very comfortable environment for us to test the beds out. There is cut sections of mattresses to see and samples of the materials they use with a Tv displaying informative videos about their factory locations and videos on their packaging and delivery.

When the mattress arrived, the delivery man moved it up via lift and it is very easy especially when we are staying at condo as you know bulky item usually is very hard to be delivered. The items are packaged neatly to make it easier to assemble upon delivery.
Here is on the day of arrival and some of our unboxing trails:

Even my boy can unbox and assemble it mostly himself, well the difficulty is probably just 3/10 - 3 being you will probably need someone to push it to your room, balancing it while tightening some parts, and to carry the mattress to put on the bed frame.

The bedframe is packaged neatly in a box. The screws and tools are places in a proper plastic packaging, unlike other furniture using plastic bags to store them. All parts are covered with plastic bags to prevent scratches except for the wooden base. The special Zinus Allen key is included to make building easier.

Special Allen Key from ZINUS and love to see how it is nicely packed. At one go - no missing pieces seen!

Placing all parts at it's designated place

Match according to its number as per instructions

Each bar at the side of the frame is held by 3 screws on each end. With Zinus's special Allen key, it is very easy to put it together. 

Screw tight with Zinus special Allen Key provided 

Balancing with a hard object if you have no one to help you to hold - see? you can really DIY it easily! 

Matching the parts

The frame is very sturdy and solid. The instructions are easy to understand and not too complex. 

Complete to tighten the screw

The wooden base does not need screws to fasten as it is held by velcro that you need to align with the bedframe. You cannot stand on the wooden frame and only can go on it when a mattress is placed. 

Hardest is when he is trying to get the mattress out from the box - okay this need help. If you are alone, just need to remove the box by the side. Here is from the top.

Rest time ;P

When we opened the mattress box, we pulled out the compressed and rolled mattress. It is compressed airtight into an big plastic bag, then wrapped with 3 extra layers of plastic to keep it rolled.

After removing the 3 layers of plastic while its on a roll, before it deflates.

Unroll the compressed mattress on the bedframe

We cut open the big plastic bag and let air into the mattress and expand it to it's true size

yay! Done!
From a small thin mattress to a big and comfy mattress!

The mattress itself is very comfy and soft, which gives us a very comfortable sleep and rest after a tired day. It provides us with good back support and the softness level of 6 fits my son perfectly. After 1 week sleeping on it, he got used to the new bed and loving it! More energetic and less body pain - well his old mattress is too thin and this one is perfect!

Jom jimat together gether! For your info too - Zinus is the 2nd most budget and affordable mattress on Amazon, with the price range of their mattresses from as low as RM499 to RM 4000. 

Do use my promo code MP25 during checkout for 25% at www.zinus.com.my.

For more information, visit:


Showroom address: No 1-1, Jalan Merbah 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor

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