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Shunde dish marks its grand opening at Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur bringing more new dishes

We are at Elite Youmiqi Imbi branch for some elite dishes and here to review their exclusive dishes that had our heart on and filled our tummy warmly. Recently launched its Imbi branch, it is now ready to host 80 pax in their main hall, good place for events, private meetings and there are various private room for dining available.

At a glance, the environment here is very calming, with a palette of black, grey, orange and wooden materials. The cutlery is gold and black in color and the bowls and plates are dark grey. There are public zones and private rooms, which you can book. Some of the rooms have a karaoke, where you can sing with your family. At the public dining zone, there is some fish ponds at the sides with koi fish. A bar can be found at the side too.

Bigger room that can sit more peoples

Room with karaoke

For larger gathering group with karaoke

Best for meeting and presentation

Nice water feature at main hall

Koi fishes too!

If you loved their Fresh Aroma Coconut Welcome Drink like we do, it can be personalised with name engraved for wedding, events and I am sure it will be a special one for your guest too!

Coconut for special occasion, tea for all occasions

Nice table setting

Nice Shunde sauces for dip

Menu - a variety of dishes!

The Shunde handmade scallion pancake is a small pancake cooked with scallion, aka spring onion. It is small in size which makes it a good appetizer and side dish.

Shunde Handmade Scallion Pancake

Shunde Signature Seafood Pot is their signature dish, you can opt for a base pot and add seafood base on your preference, like an ala carte. They serve different types of seafood such as prawns, crab, fish, clams and vegetables like corn, enoki mushrooms and juice ears and fried tofu. This dish is served raw, while the staff will pour the soup in to let it cook at a medium fire. When the pot is cooked, the soup is then more flavorful and aromatic with the combination of all the ingredients inside and can be enjoyed slowly.

Shunde Signature Seafood Pot

Shunde handmade prawn paste cake is a dish made with handmade prawn paste and a scallop inside each of it. Prawn and scallop - a nice combination: tasty!

Shunde Handmade Prawn Paste Cake

The duo Japan oysters are two types of oysters served in one plate. The oysters served include the cheese baked oyster and the oyster steamed in chili and vermicelli.
Oyster is fresh and it do not have strong smell and taste great. The cheese baked oyster has some ham cubes on top and is very cheesy while the other one has a tint of spicy.

Duo Japan Oyster
- Steam With Chili & Vermicelli
- Cheese Baked

BBQ Stingray Fins is a side dish made of stingray fins that are fried dry. It comes with some sauce like tartar sauce and is very crunchy. It tastes like those dried fish snacks you can find at a supermarket but much better. The fins look very bony but its actually all edibles. Love to pair this with beer!

This is a very unique dish made by YouMiQi and it is the Shunde roasted free range chicken. It is a roasted chicken served in a special way. It is served impaled on a metal rod upright on a plate. Waiters will then cut the chicken for you and serve it on a plate. The chicken's taste is very good, full of flavor and tasty.

Shunde Roasted Free Range Chicken
- Now you see....

- Now you don't...

The sweet and sour pork with fresh fruits on ice is a hot dish served on ice. The meat itself is well fried, crunchy and very flavorful. You have to eat the meat quickly before it gets cold. There are mangoes, kiwis, onions, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in the dish too. The ice is for decor which makes it special.

Signature Sweet Sour Pork with Fresh Fruits on ICE

The baked ribs with garlic and cheese is a creamy and tasty rib dish, baked with garlic and cheese. The taste of it is good, however the meat may be a bit chewy as the rib is big.

Baked Ribs with Garlic & Cheese

Shunde pan baked style free range chicken is great for beer, if you ask me. It has a slight "salted chicken" taste which is easy to eat with rice or just as a snack itself.

Shunde Pan Baked Style Free Range Chicken

Stir fried celtuce with garlic is a vegetable dish fried with garlic. The celtuce is very soft and flavorful, which makes it a good and delicious vegetable dish.

Stir Fried Celtuce with Garlic.

The Teo Chew Handmade yam paste is a hot dessert made of yam, pumpkins and Lily bulbs. It simulates a hot ice cream because of its texture. At a glance, the pumpkin slices looked like mangoes. If you love yam, you would love this. I would think this is a bit full as dessert, unless you take a lighter main meal, as serving is big.

Teow Chew Handmade Yam Paste

The dessert platter is a good way to end your meal. There are a few desserts on the platter, which includes fried milk pastry, durian mochi, handmade durian ice cream and ginger milk. The desserts are tasty, especially fried milk pastry which is creamy in the inside. The ice cream is nice however ginger milk needs to be improved with more ginger essence. The durian mochi well loved.

Dessert Platter

Our verdict: a great place for meet up as they have private room for functions, a cosy place to dine with families if you are looking for a more elite and a different Shunde dining experience. Pricing, reasonable in terms of its location and the special Shunde dishes in the menu. Advisable to book in advance and dine on a less peak period for better service.

Where Is This?

Elite Youmiqi 有米气

1, Jalan Kamuning, off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Mon - Sun

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