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Letting go dilemma - a boy soon turning a teenage

I had today a reflection as a mum myself of a 11 years old. Didn't notice I had this fear of letting him to be on his own. Maybe I still couldn't get use to my baby away from my lap, I still want to carry my baby boy and hug him whenever I could. I had a fear and yet ignorance over the most talk-about phrase of "he will be out of sight when he turns teenage"

In a cuppa with my girlfriends just yesterday, I was bombard with "you need to let go".

Stories short but I did bring my son in with me to ladies whenever I takes J & A together for outings. My gf with same age boys was like telling me about sexual issue and one day a lady in the toilet would probably tell me off that this is ladies toilet and your son is a grown up adult who can pee at men toilet himself. 

J did always prompt on his uneasiness, it's me who doesn't want to acknowledge that he is no longer a baby boy. 

Guess I have to take a step back and let the kite go a little further. He will be a man soon. 

 Happy parenting! 

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