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My Shoe??

Mummy wonder what does a "SHOE" stands for at your point of view..A toy? a new gadget? guess you have no idea why we put it on your feet this morning. By looking at how you take it off, I would have thought you are treating it as if it's one of the "no-other-than" puzzle toy or mix & match toy - for your feet? And yeah your "Indiana Jones" alike face - thanks to your lai yee who seem to enjoy putting water powder to your face. Looks cute dont u think? Like little indian.. ;D

1 comment:

  1. haha..lai yee memang like the white powder..canscare ppl at nite..hahaha..look so comel after powder de..hahaha...

    wow ..new shows ah jaden..haha...ngam fit fit o not..hehe...so cute can walk walk alr...