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Anger Management towards toddler

I am so exhausted not knowing what's wrong with Jaden. He is being a "cry-baby" these few days and need my whole lot attention. Juggling between everything, I couldn't help but throw my anger to him, unintentionally. I had always been very patient at all times but not this time round. My mum reminds me today "Let him be, he is not feeling well. Try to compromise.." I had to go to work the next day for audit, I have to leave him with my mum. I know this is hard for everyone, hardest for him. I had to sneak out as usual as he would cry for me. I do not know how long I had to do this, when is the time he would just say "bye-bye" happily when I leave to work or apart from him? Sigh..dont think it will happen in seconds, or even days...or months??? Mum & dad bring him out for dinner, mum says he would call "mie-mie" looking at two lady at another table where her back and hair reassembles me. Oh dear! I wept. I missed him so much and I made my mum cried too. She assures me she will take care of my baby.


Today I drive to work and one topic on Lite FM hits me. It was on Anger Management towards children. It summarise on how children behavioural affected by our anger. Will read more on this topic.

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