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Are we too old for Clubbing?

Thanks to mum and dad for taking care of our two little angels over this weekend while we can sneak out to my best friend’s wedding. Yes, yes, my clinging son is out of the sight for few hours, April might not bother what we are up to, she will be just fine if her milk is on time for her. Me and hubby are pretty excited and start to plan for something after the wedding dinner. Thinking for a plan these days seem difficult. “Clubbing” gets to the aura as he plays “Teriyaki Boys” songs adapted from the movie “Fast and Furious 4”. Ticks! Yes! Clubbing tonight. SMS the groom and bride and Amanda, invited Lee Wah too… Groom says he will be too drunk by then; bride will be having an early morning breakfast before her brother leave to US the next day. Mind to say at our age, most are NOT up to night life as one will start to yawn, another will start to give excuse, and another will say we are too old, ended back to home. Even “mamak” tradition does not suit us now – for health reason. I should opt for something more interesting in the next get-together. *Wink*

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