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Weddings are a Blessing

Being so silly, I could weep happily every time I read this over and over again.
Watching my best friend getting her hair done for her wedding dinner, it flashes back 3 years ago when she and Ivan just met at our wedding. Felicia (my childhood friend) happens to be my bridesmaid then and Ivan (our college housemate) was hubby’s best man. Both are our darling.
I wandered too far when Felicia caught me back. Her eyes sparkle and say she will be delivering this speech during the dinner and read to me. I nodded and she began saying how she eyed on Ivan the moment she met him, how she admires his singing talent and how Ivan brings happiness to her life and her family , she had never seen her mom so happy until after Ivan joins her family. She is thankful for having him in her life. It’s very difficult to express it over wordings here, but before she could finish with her words, I hug and weep. She was stunned. I am really happy for her, and Ivan – you better take care of my lovely sister. I never seen her so happy and yes, Ivan is meant for her. Congrats Fet and hopes you will be joining me in motherhood not long! Love you.
As I got home, I told my sister about it, and for definite I would get too emotional the 2nd time during my sister’s wedding. My baby sister is getting married to the man she loved dearly.
Oh Dear, get me a huge absorbent napkin… I think I could be worse than my mum and even worse when April is getting married in future!!

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