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My 18 months toddler is whining again this morning. Maybe he knows he is going to nanny place and he doesn’t want to get out from his bed and cover himself with his warm blanket. Oh, dear I will be late to work. I carried him and he is definitely not happy and cries on top of his lung. Poor little thing, mummy is sorry for being so mean early in the morning. He cries for daddy – I think he wants hubby to rescue him that moment. Hubby hugs him and put him nicely on the stroller before waving goodbye. I have been telling Jaden repeatedly each morning that we are going to work, he need to stay with nanny until we returns. I know he is listening to my every word. He is silent, bows his head down for sympathy and says “work-work”, he hugs me on the way. Reaching nanny doorsteps, the tragic comes, and you will feel so bad as if you are making a wrong decision not to become a full time mum instead. He yells out “mie-mieee………. mie-mie…….mie-mie………….” sobbing with his eyes barely opens. I leave the place and to work. Gosh, every morning has been so difficult lately. How long would a child whine? I had some of my questions answered from this website.

Motherly instinct may still convinced me with the rest of the answer.
a) He could want more attention and wants to be with us at home lately after he returns from the hospital.
b) One half division of our attention has been given to our little girl
c) Less outing recently due to the current H1N1 viral outbreak.


  1. hi...
    whenever i told my friends that rachael sometimes do NOT want to leave bb sitter's place and cried, they told me it's actually good cos it means the bb sitter treats her well and she likes being there.

    having said that, maybe he is not used to his nanny yet? gv him some time and he will adjust to her later.

    btw, i thought he's taken care of by MIL?

  2. It has been two months since he is there. MIL is not feeling well and recovering from a minor stroke. Yeah, hope he will adjust himself - now at least he called her "nanny", only that when he sees me on the doorstep, he started to make face.