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Marriage Course at Eaglepoint Puchong

When we say we had been married for 10,20, 30 years or even longer, do we know our spouse exactly, what they need, their inner feeling, their expectation towards us or do we practice good communication and do lots of listening? Do we notice that men and women are different?

Why isn't he emptying the garbage bin? Why is she keep asking how is my day? I need to be alone.. He is not listening to me.. and the list could go on and on...

We tend then forgetting the most important in marriage, have we forgotten our marriage time after a while, especially after we had kids to chase for, kids to bath for, kids to clean poo for and kids to yell at? Sadly but yes if you sit down and think about this.

Marriage course lead by Pastor Steven Teoh and Bee Khim organised by Community at Heart enlighten us on marriage and its held at Eaglepoint Puchong. Me and hubby attended this two years ago and benefited from it ever since. I couldn't help but spreading the course. As I get along with others, everyone had different path of life, different ways in managing their marriage. And yes, it saddens when you hear break-ups, third party in marriage, leaving sorrows and empty hopes to spouse and the innocent children.

This is for you. Look into your marriage, your spouse will be the one holding your hands till death do you apart, why not putting little extra hours and add some spice to your marriage once a week? Packed with laughter and understanding yourself and your spouse, be ready to change..and be ready to have fun!

Its a yearly event, so if you miss this, please do call and enquire for the next session. Believe me, you will be surprise on how much you gain from this. ;)

Where is This?

Eaglepoint Puchong

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  1. Hi all,

    This is a very practical course, giving any married couple the tools to build a strong and healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime. In a welcoming, relaxed and unthreatening environment over eight evenings, couples talk about important issues that can get swept under the carpet in the rush of daily life. Thanks a lot......

    Marriage Course