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Fun...fun and more fun..

Who says mum can't have fun after having kids? It's the matter on how we arrange our time and how we want to involve our family with our social life and our connections. Writing this out now, would love to share with Regina. I wish her a safe pregnancy and am really really happy with the news which I got last week from my best uncle ie. best pal.(Kelvin is too young to be my dearest uncle). We had been a great childhood buddy along with my sis. Last weekend, we bring back the laughter, the kiddo in us. Now of us have our own family, we still who we are, the joker, the craze, the bully.

How time flies...

20th March 2011 - I host (as kungfu panda says.. hooooooossssting!) Yes, I am hooo-o-o-o-o-ssting! ;)
We celebrated hubby's and Jaden's birthday, and also our 5th year wedding anniversary. Wasn't too much on the anniversary celebration as it has been 13 years we are together, anniversary is just something sloting in to the party. Hubby knows I have lots of anniversary and birthday till he sometimes lost count or "again?". LOL.

Not an easy task to get everyone in a roof, but manage to have a troop and had the whole place at TTDI, FnD Mindspot. Check it out here They had a lovely ambience for hangout and its just lovely for kids who love to explore themselves, while the quiet one can sit back and relax.

Had so much laughter. Played Giant Jenga, footsball at the centre while arranging some games myself for my guest. Paper clip snake, newspaper snake, Battery tower, fishing for kids too.

We agreed that we have not had enough of that, we will be back for more games..childhood games like "batu seremban", "giant stick" etc...you name it, I am sure they had it. ;)
I do think that those are really much fun, better than stick yourself at computer all day long without any interaction?? *wink*

Where is This?
FnD Mindspot
103A, Jalan Aminuddin Baki,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
40000 Kuala Lumpur

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