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1 Utama #MakanMakan Food Hunt is here!!

We have been exclusively selected for this event on 21 August 11am @ Food Street, One Utama and its always great to be stuffed (with food) together in a group - especially when you have a crazy close group.. Laughter, sharing of food experience, hot  meal, cold desserts, then back to curry, then pasta, sandwiches, cakes, pancakes, waffles, fries, cheese sticks.. and many more.. Burp.. I am still full till this morning.

Thanks to 1 Utama for organizing this great event for us, the e-community bloggers and thanks to the awesome participating F&B outlets: Nana's Green Tea Malaysia, Quiznos Malaysia, Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt, Bisou Bake Shop, The Library Coffee Bar, Little Fat Duck, Betjeman & Barton Malaysia, Obanhmi, MyeongDong Topokki and Curry House CoCo Ichibanya!

Food hunting at 10 F&B outlets in 5 hours is no joke and instagram'ing away at ‪#‎MakanMakan‬ Food Hunt F&B outlets. Imagine looking at us running around 1 Utama, eat like a running train, snap shots on every photo and trying to be creative, and remembering each and every detail that we could. Marathon food bloggers - I would describe this experience as fun, one if its kind, not to be missed and Yes, it was great to be part of it. ;)

Group Picture curtesy from 1 Utama. - During registration. ;)
Peak into what's inside our goodie bags! ;)

Our first Stop is Little Fat Duck. Our breakfast. Little Fat Duck serves Amazing, Affordable Italian-French Cuisine On-The-Go! We had a great chat and hangout as it has been a while we meet up. Happily take a long time.

Loving its Chicken Confit and its Cabonara. The Chicken confit is baked to perfection with mashed potatoes. Tender juicy meat. Will be back for more. The packaging is very well detailed and looks great for a kiosk business. ;)

Without much introduction, Moo Cow is well known for its healthy yogurts. Moo Cow offers customers the opportunity to dive into some healthy frozen yogurt without all the guilt that comes with normal yogurt. Love all the toppings they had and the famous topping in One Utama is the Teddy Bear biscuits. Here, I got their Chocolate chips special with sunflower seeds. Simply healthy and delicious on the other.

Each yogurt cup and content is measured and even though the content seem to "look" differs from the one your friends has, the content gram is the same. So, fret not and enjoy!


Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

This rice is actually the highlight. Why? As the staff would say its 150g of rice. Really like the precise information. ;)

Nana’s Green Tea was established in Japan, a pioneer of Japanese Café dealing with “Matcha”, green powdered tea. The outlet in One Utama is strategic in the centre of the the food street. We had their choices of parfait. Every of it had the same base, either with Macha - green tea or Hoji - Oven Roasted Tea. Toppings are varied from Kanten Jelly, red bean paste, Macha syrup, Hoji Syrup, corn flakes, Mochi and others to choose from.

MyeongDong Topokki to serve you Delicious Topokki and Korean Street Food






Q CAFE (Quiznos) is one of the largest restaurant/cafe brands in the world. Q CAFE is designed for today's busy customers who are looking for a tasty, fresher alternative to many of today's traditional fast food restaurants. Q CAFE offers flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including toasted SANDWICHES, PIZZAS, SALADS and WRAPS!

9" Honey Mustard Sub (Rosemary Parmesan Bread & 9" Chicken Ranch and Swiss (Wheat Bread) with Cheese Stick

Waffle Fries
The process of Pizza Baking
Chicken Cabonara Pizza, Baja Chicken Pizza

Cheese Stick

Bisou August special is the Red Velvet set? The set consists of a Rainbow Red Velvet square to go along with your red velvet mocha or red velvet hot chocolate

The Library Coffee Bar is a lifestyle coffee bar chain that is famed for its casual cool retro interior and cosy ambience. Home to a large array of reading titles, delicious coffee & snacks. Patrons can expect a robust, flavourful & delicious cup of coffee to pair with the selection of books found here!

Obanhmi The freshest Vietnamese sandwiches

Betjeman & Barton Malaysia - World Renowned French Tea Brewing now in Malaysia.
We aspire to deliver the best french tea as well as french confectioneries (Cakes, Macaroon &Chocolate)
............to be continued


  1. Oh wow.... I am really impressed... you really blog about it super fast... hahaha... good job.....