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Mask Slim for the Feet ;)

Face washed clean... opening the package and wondering how to put this on.. no holes for the eye and nose....
Jaden read and says " Mummy, didn't you read? The pack says it's for the FEET - easy to use, every FEET can be fits comfortably, regardless of FOOT sizes and shapes" ...@@ age is catching up.

Happy supple feet..
Thank you Estee Leong for supporting CT Chin event and the sponsor for feet mask last Sunday. ‪#‎slimmask‬ ‪#‎feet‬ ‪#‎pampering‬ ‪#‎instalike‬ ‪#‎instadaily‬ ‪#‎beauty‬ ‪#‎bloggerlife‬ ‪#‎blogger‬
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