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One Need to Change, and Life gets Better. ;)

My dear friend Nick told me yesterday that more than 10 years ago, he told me to dye my hair and have a make up. He sees potential. Yes, I use to read that dye is not good, n it implant in my memories and the more you read about colour dye, make up chemicals, you would probably end up admiring others and your self esteem is going down. Yes, It happens to me too.

He told me now that I changed a lot - and happy that I had found my passion.

Change is a statement that everyone freak off. At a comfort level, most say yes, we have enough. At a comfort level, we are afraid of any adjustments and we say no to changes. Be it with our self, career, and the way we parent our child.

But life is changing, technology is taking place and things are moving at its pace without us realizing. The hard fact is we must change for better opportunity, a new purpose at life at different age.

I had not changed my personality much. I am still in love of travelling, reading, love songs, pretty things, lovely gowns, and food... and positive quotes.

But in a different context, I adore the persons whom I meet throughout my 30's. They indeed had given me different thought and purpose in life. Life experiences, wise advices and friendship is something money can't buy.

Sought out the change and believe in yourself. We are our own enemy at most times. Negative thoughts will drain you down. You need positive people around to make a change and find the potential within yourself.

Most of all, your family and spouse support plays an important part in supporting your changes. And as you change, you can see the beautiful chain reaction around you..

Have a good day friends. ;)

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