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Day 2: MixFM Love Contract - Exploring Couple Massage & Dinner at Gastro Sentral

Entering officially Day 2, we call it officially a Day 1 of Love Contract. This is when the task begins. As early as 6.30am, we are scheduled to be at MixFM for a recording for 8am. 

It has been long since I had much surprises. I had always give surprises managing company annual dinner and events, and this time I am really thrilled, as we would only know on the spot, well for studio recording a day before (it's fair) and spontaneous question with no clue (not fair). LOL.

We are greeted with an Alphard and gives us a big WOW!. We are expecting Nic to come with MixFM car just as it was yesterday when he picks us.
Happy goer as we head to Astro office. Thanks to Le Meridian for the Bento breakfast. 

An eye opener at the studio this morning as we sit beside to observe before our turn. Editing of voice is done on the spot, coordination and hand gesture on who's next. The quick response and most importantly the teamwork and bonding  of the 3 announcers that makes it wonderful. Not forgetting to credit awesome producers aka Mindy and team.

At that point, we share about  our first day and our experience so far staying in Le Meridian.


At night, we had the privilege to have Pauline from Wellness Art Training Centre to teach us some couple massage therapy tricks! 

Here a sum up on what we have learn during the 2 hour plus session and hope it will benefit our readers too.

Firstly, understanding your partner and your love language. 

You may take a test http://www.5lovelanguages.com/
to check which category of love language that you are in:

* Words of Affirmation
* Act Of Service
* Receiving Gifts
* Quality Time
* Physical Touch 

If your love language is physical touch, then couple massage is great for you and it will be beneficial if your spouse learn it too. 

Secondly, set the room in dim light - candles can be lit but do ensure safety (you won't want to burnt down the room in between of intimacy. ^^), aromatherapy dehumidifier for that scene and some relaxing music for that perfect moment.

Moving on, we had our session identifying the sensitive parts of our body as it reflects a different feeling through softer touch and vice versa.
For example outer arm stroke is a normal touch. While if you apply a softer stroke at the inner arm, you would fell a different - sensual touch. This apply to thigh and also neck area near the ear loop.
Give it a try and let me know if it works for you too. ;)
Happy exploring..

Thanks MixFM crew for the video

Thanks Pauline from Wellness Art Centre for the session and being patience with our questions.

We had late dinner at Gastro Sentral thereafter as we asked Pauline too many questions (knowledge seeker we are!).

You could see EClair again here as I really love to eat them! And his Bailey drink. Wahyu is irrisistable as it's cook for 22 hours before serving hence the meat is tender and juicy. Matched with Lobster and Prawn dish. Can't really recall the name.

Some morning picture of Gastro Sentral while we had our breakfast cooking class the next day.

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