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MixFM Love Contract: Day 1- Spoilt with a week stay at Le Meridean Presidential Suite and a private counselling session with The Mind

Day 1: Aishah, Rod and Prem checks in MIX FM's Love Contract couple Jessie and Ching Siong in the Le Meridien Presidential Suite. 

Picture speaks a thousand words...
Didn't expect a presidential suite. Thanks Le Meridian and MixFM team for the lovely arrangement. 
It was great being away from home, yet having all facilities as we needed.
Love the interior, love the space. 
Loving the Jacuzzi. Perfect for two, even if you have long legs. ;)
Double basin so that we need not argue on who to go first.
Great for the exclusive couple day out.
Love the decor
Love the Welcome yummy EClair
Vanilla, Chocolate & Banana Mango Flavour Each at RM14.00
My Fav - Banana Mango!
Available 9am to 9pm daily
With the bubbly radio announcer - Prem, Rod & Aishah
Left to right from Front: Sydnedy (The Mind), me, hubby, Rosie (The Mind)
Back: Prem, Rod & Aishah
Our on air moment

Thanks Le Meridian for the in-house meal. No hassle - just the two of us. We filled up pretty quick, maybe cause we had all the meal by our self, and it digested well. 

No drama with kids like "Sit straight! Near to the table! Hold your spoon right! No Spilling! Finish your food! Wipe your mouth! Watch out your soup bowl" and many more. Haha

Our surprises as we gets in to Presidential Suite. The floating balloon!

Special thanks to The Mind for providing a private counselling session for us too! ‪#‎MIXBreakfast‬ ‪#‎AishahRodPrem‬ ‪#‎MIXLoveContract‬‪#‎LeMeridienKL‬

We had a long chat understanding each other, things that we wanted our partner to do more for us. We discuss on relationship issues, and possible recommendations to get it solved.

It was a good sharing session as sometimes we don't really open up ourselves and having a counselling will actually open up our mind.

It may be a very small issue and it needs to be communicated.
For example, hubby helping out with house chores is very important to me. He got me all machines to ease the work but it just never help as we need people to do it.
Since I can't change him to love house chores as much as I hate doing it, we discuss to have a part time maid to get that issue sorted out.

As for him, he wanted me to be more vulnerable in the relationship. I am a strong woman, as a mother, partner and at work. The counselor suggest me to let go things at work point when I reach home, let go all small little things that irritates me (cups on the table, paper on the floor, dirty dishes and lots of laundry daily). I end up spending too much time getting all this little thing fix and forgo my poor hubby. You know when you gets too tired, you just feel like shutting down, and that's when the issue accumulate.

Don't be a perfectionist! Sydnedy and Rosie alarmed that.
You will have less time enjoying the lovely moments of family, and couple time.

*Some beautiful photo and all video are a credit to MixFM crew 

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