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Day 3: MixFM Love Contract @ CAMP5 : Building Trust and Listen to your Spouse

MixFM had us to reignite our spark by getting us to do wall-climbing together! ‪#‎MIXBreakfast‬ ‪#‎AishahRodPrem‬‪#‎MIXLoveContract‬

Hasn't been an easy task for me till now. Rock Climbing? 
Lost my heartbeat at the entrance as Nicholas bought us there. We actually trying to get some hint from him almost everyday on what's next - not to say, he is definitely a very dedicated "secret keeper" LOL

Here we are at Camp5 Indoor Climbing Gym. I had always wanted to do this but fear; and he always love physical activity. 
My parent and siblings know I love to walk on stage more than I like to climb.
Well, sometimes you need a little push to get things going; aren't we? 

Briefing by Rod on how he want us to do things. Me trying to figure out if I can really do it, while hubby is super excited.

Hubby was blind-folded to ensure he listens well to his wife instruction. ;P

He manage to get high up even with some instruction confusion. 

Trust your partner - that he will catch me if I fall??

Rod is next to climb - with shivers face. ;P

Thanks MixFM for a sum up video

Thanks CAMP5 for hosting us!

They are at:
EZ501, 5th Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama Damansara 
Petaling Jaya 47800

T: 603.7726.0410
E: climb@camp5.com
W: www.camp5.com

Operation Hours
Mon-Fri 2pm – 11pm
W'end & PH 10am – 8pm

More at:

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Day 3: MixFM Love Contract @ CAMP5 : Building Trust and Listen to your Spouse

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