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Day 4 : Watch how ‪#‎MIXLoveContract‬ couple Jessie and Ching Siong rekindled with each other in an ice skating session yesterday.

Well, Day 3 rock climbing has given me a thrill.

Thinking that the crew won't be so cruel giving me another hard task; as earlier ask us to wear Jeans and top. So, I did and upon arriving Putrajaya IOI Mall, we both are expecting free and easy shopping spree or movie date or a nice dinner. 

To my alarm again, we went for "ICE-SKATING" which freaks me out. 
I really feel like holding the door handle forever. I just can't move an inch even with supervision. Duh, It's sooo sooo slippery and Mindy and Aishah, if you are reading this... I am so so scared at the rink that I cried tau. 
Thanks for putting me into the rink with effort. LOL

Looking at the bright side, I am completely vulnerable and hubby has been very excited looking at my vulnerable self, helpless gesture and again, helpless face expression. True enough, it had been long on me being so vulnerable with him and the last one was jumping around screaming like a crazy woman at one of the cafe at Puchong seeing a rat running "AWAY" from me. 
Spontaneous response ok? He and kids enjoy looking at me jumping around helplessly.

Thanks Tony for giving us some guide with very much patience.

Happy lady out there trying to comfort me that I will be ok, which I am NOT. Huhu.
Finally.. Mission accomplished and happy team. It's a good experience, as I had always wanted to do this but not doing it as am afraid to fall. Hubby loves it; he would enjoy more of this activity if I join in more often with him. Let's train the kids instead. Haha

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That wraps up Day 4 - with love, and be vulnerable. 

Where Is This?
Icescape Ice RInk
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