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MixFM Love Contract Day 5: Couples yoga session with Merilyn Lye, Dinner at LatestRecipe, Life Coach Session ‬

This perhaps is the more soothing day as we are having couple yoga and at least not mountain climbing or fear factor insects eating. ;P

Thanks Merilyn (YOGAhhH Fit & Fun) ‪for the quick session. We will just need about 10 minutes for couple yoga, and you could do it before bedtime to reconnect with your partner. 

Lovely and excited, here we are.. love this the most as you feel relax and reconnected with trust and someone to rely on. Oh! Vulnerable.

This is when task comes in. I need to go over on top of him and need a little strength to move up. 
Prem did it in the video. (on my behalf- hehe)

Some easier stretching stunts.

Reconnect - I love this picture of ours a lot.
Thanks MixFM for the video and photos. A memory of a lifetime. Thanks for having us!

After dinner in Le Meridien KL's ‪#‎LatestRecipe‬, we had Sharmini Kanniah(Life Coach) from ‪#‎LifeWorksLifeCoaching‬ to provide insights for us. ‪#‎MIXBreakfast‬‪#‎AishahRodPrem‬ ‪#‎MIXLoveContract‬ ‪#‎LeMeridienKL‬

The session is private, coaching us on our relationship.
It's a great lesson and would really love to share with our readers.

Here is some points which we both love during the session which may strike some thinking:

While we can't change the other half, we have to learn to accept them and their flaws. 

One of which strikes me is I had to learn to love myself more. Something I feel awkward is to look into myself in the mirror speaking to myself. Sharmini highlights that by loving yourself, you would be able to know how it feels like to love others.
Loving yourself too simply means do what you want to do to make yourself look good.

Sometimes, kids and chores really drain us out, and those blue days makes us gloom.
It's a challenge, but making yourself look good definitely beneficial as it boost self confidence, happier, besides just pleasing others. We just need some personal moment to get our self back to track. Never too late to learn, and I am still learning to be better.

Praising your partner often too, before your partner being praised by other people- outsiders, admirers.
Praising your partners are also a form of reaffirmation of your love towards each other.

Be vulnerable and seek help. 
Partners could switch our role to balance the yin and yang. If one is good at something vice versa, it need not be man have to always be the yang - stronger person, and women to be more yin - weaker. Couples complement each other which makes relationship more exciting.
Communicate how you want to be helped

Stop being a perfectionist
Stop being irritated on small little thing. With that, we will be able to do thing with love.
"Why aren't you do this, do that" is some of the familiar word. Things are not to perfection and I got irritated as it doesn't jive my way. People surrounding may be stressful and we cant do thing with love either. 

Thanks to my great man who does most craziest things with me, who allow me to try anything under the moon with no limit, as I want it. It's not easy as we walk through thousands of fear, thousands of argument, thousands of tears before earning understanding, deep relationship and trust. 

Being in this Love Contract is a memorable way to mark our 20th anniversary knowing each other and a blessed 10th year wedding anniversary. Love you. 

Thanks to MixFM crew for these beautiful pictures. 

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MixFM Love Contract Day 5: Couples yoga session with Merilyn Lye, Dinner at LatestRecipe, Life Coach Session ‬

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