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TEDBOY BAKERY with KetchUp Presents “Parenting with Zentangle Art”

Parenting with Zentangle Art is proudly brought to you by the KetchUp Community, the social community platform for ideal Café Social Spaces. Nestled amidst the bustling street of Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar, TedBoy Bakery offers a plethora of wholesome natural goodness pastries and dishes to tantalize your adventurous taste buds. TedBoy Bakery is born out of love ~ the love for fresh bread, good coffee and of course for the owners’ son Ted.

The idea behind this social community program in TedBoy is centered around family-oriented arts and crafts. According to Patrina, the lady founder of TedBoy Bakery, this Café is also a place that encourages and hopes to inspire the love for art and design among its community of loyal customers. 

Ivy, the certified practitioner of Zentangle Art will showcases the zentangle method of relaxing, easy-to-learn and fun way to create the beautiful images of drawing structured patterns.

Tedboy is proud to cultivate the specific art and craft family oriented activity. This method of art and craft increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction, along with an increased sense of personal well being especially among children.

‘We hope that, the modern artistic approach of this zentangle method of art and craft could not only hones the modern as well as easy approach of abstract drawings among children, this new method of drawing could also be an eye opener for parents to nurture and enhance their children’s artistic ability ’, added Patrina.

Opening speech from KetchUp community

Ivy show us the step by step method to complete zentangles (Tripples, Aura, Crescent Moon and Knight Bridge) 
It definitely creates a 3D effect

Some Lovely zentangles accessory and stationary. Do check out zentangle apps to find ideas and be creative too. 

Masterpiece at the workshop. 

Jaden focusing on the colouring, zentangles. Thanks to TedBoy Bakery for having this workshop as it encourage bonding between parents and kids on a lovely Saturday afternoon.  

Left - bigger piece for the kids, and smaller zentangles paper for mummy. These papers are from USA.

Do check out KetchUp’s Café Social Spaces and their specialized Social Programs via  www.KetchUp.com.my and on www.facebook.com/KetchUpCommunity/

For more info on TedBoy Bakery, please visit their website at www.tedboy.com

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