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Kids creativity comes from boredom

We are missing our couple date out, we are missing our me time,  but parenting takes 2 to ticks and looking at this picture ... I think we must have did something right. Creativity comes in when your child is in boredom during school holiday. Mum,  I could flap my wing. (I am a super proud mummy) #parenting #kids #kidsmodel #lovely #mother #parentingblogger #msiablogger #creative #paper #A4 #idea #inventions

Parents usually feel guilty when they see the child has nothing to do during the school holiday and often put them in any classes that they could fit in their time. We often rush into academic excellence and I learnt from my son who tells me 'Mummy, I had no free time to do what I enjoy - with the homework that you give and task that you assigned.' Well it's school holiday and all a working mum could do is - flipping a few pages of work book - fold the page - you are going to finish this today and I am coming back to mark it tonight.  While daddy version is -practise your piano - 'Negaraku' song that teacher teach you last week - working dad will come back to see if you have got it familiarised.

Having said that he would have some leisure time. No Ipad policy is not easy in managing kids during school holiday but you need to be real determined. He called me on the phone and tell me he is bored...asking me to suggest to him what to do.

I offered him. Why not dig out your lego and play? Sand art? Trampoline?  Toys? After a list and I go back to err more homework.  Haha.

I don't feel like playing those - I can't be jumping trampoline for long,  had done lego, no new toys. Well that is my suggestion else you need to think what you would like to do at home with your resource that you have and get back to me on your suggestion.

He call me back after 2 hours explaining on his new invention excitedly. He described how he uses paper, glue, tape. How he could wear it and flap and jump around the house.
M: Can mummy n your sister wear it?...we want to try too!
J: No mum,  it just fits my size. Special tailored.

Indeed it is. Coming home and pretty amazed with his new invention. He may not be a super bright child in school but he enjoys his creativity - he thinks,  he create and he enjoys.

Same to life - material things only gives us happiness for that second. For a child a toy. After that second we lost the happy moments and seek for another.  Life is much happier when we enjoy and makes best of what we have.

Happy school holiday to all. Take a good break and happy parenting!

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