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Aeroline with kids traveling to Singapore

It has been awhile for me taking Aeroline to Singapore. The last business trip was like 10 years ago. This time the journey is different as we go there for vacation instead of to work. This is also my first Christmas in Singapore and I can't wait to see the most talked of beautiful street of Orchard road during Christmas.

Tagging 2 kids taking Aeroline? Are you sure mummy Jessie? Flight may be your usual routine but let me tell you what you can achieve traveling with Aeroline with kids:

a. There are entertainment in the bus. Kids can choose to watch their favourite cartoon, movie and documentary and this can last them for few hours. I love this me time as I could update my blog peacefully. Haha.

b. Blankets, food, minarel water, headphones are provided. This helps as you can omit these from your to pack item. Toilet is available for small usage - good enough as kids love to have this emergency stopover. This is a winning point compares to traveling with the traditional buses.

Warm fleece blanket to keep us warm
Entertainment in the bus. Minions. Rio. Etc

Hot vico 3 in 1 drinks (they don't serve Milo in Singapore)

 Minarel Water and I am enjoying the music video.

c. Safety first and great that seat belt is available to all seats. (Last week we are traveling to Hadyai on a bus without seat belt and we are worry throughout the journey)

d. Kids learn to appreciate traveling on bus and for them to know the cost traveling by flight, especially during festive season. Tickets are ranging from RM95 per pax for adult and RM65 for children per way. There will be a free charge for the first change of traveling date and time. And will be chargable for subsequent changes.

e. You can choose to board your Aeroline at Corus Hotel Ampang. During the wait, kids could have a seat in the mini lounge area while parents like us enjoying our coffee and tea. At least you don't see them running and jumping around like a gorilla and you take time finding them when you are to board.

While we enjoy the ride, we can't help to DIY the aircond outlet a bit. It comes with these little hole and aircond will blow direct near your head which is not so comfy and we had it covered with tissue that we got from the meals.

Till then! Have a great school holiday break to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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