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Our wedding photo slides - 11th years of marriage and looking back...

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to my love.

It had been a great 11 wedding years.Wedding meant to start a family, having children for me. A full lot commitment, understanding and patience when it comes to dealing with a husband and 2 kids.

While your kids wanting your attention, it goes same that your partner need your attention too. He too always needed the care, the support and encouragement and now he had to accommodate to share it with our children, unless I could split myself into a few portion.

I am sure we are still learning some survival marriage skill after this long, not counting the 21 good old years together as a couple. There is never sunshine all the time, but it's the clouds and rain that teaches us the survival skill.

Mostly, love yourself, to be able to love others. Learning still how to control the fire, and control hormonal swings as age goes by. Thank you friends for the support during the "uncontrollable-self" at times, ensuring advice that I need to take a short break - massages, coffee whatever to soothes myself down.

When I am a more calm person, I can then think better, happier and looking at couples who holds hand and chat the whole day, travels together gives much hope and aspiration.

Children may leaves us for their career soon, they may just want us for now, but your partner will be there to listen, goes places or even just doing nothing and stare at each other - well good enough if he
could hear us cries during our menopause depression at old times huh?


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