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Beli Nothing Project In town - Reuse and Recycle! To Give and To Receive!

Parenting is about learning together with the kids and every minutes of us spending with them, with or without our knowledge, we are being watched - by the kids. They observed our reaction to emotions, our impulsive buying and our purchasing behavior most of the time.

Jaden always say "Mummy, why are you buying this, we already have these at home", "Mummy, stop buying and you are not going to use it", "Mummy, don't look at this, you already have it" and it goes on and on every time I am with them at the mall.

But shopping is a therapy for me, happy wife, happy family isn't it? Look at those beautiful thing in the mall, a lovely addition to the kitchen, to the living hall, to the bedroom, and yes never ending on my want list. Do I need it, well, perhaps no.

I only realize I don't need it, when I start to declutter. I found things that put into the store for years and never been using it. Some I don't remember it exist. Haha. It's really hard to declutter and you really need to sit down and have some strategies and plan what to go out first.

I always started with clothing, but the truth is, it is never an easy task especially when I want to let go the ones that I love, that I only wear it once, but can't fit in anymore.

My personal stages in de-cluttering:

A. Clothings - Self, Hubby and Kids. 

Separate ones that we always wear and those that we don't. For the don't, try out every piece of it to see if it fits perfectly or just so-so. Will you wear it again? No - then time to give away. Do you look like you are wrapping like a dumpling? Then time to give away too. If you have retain in wardrobe for 1 year but never wear it then it's also sign that it should go.

B. Kitchen.

It's going to be a massive work. Imagine plastic containers, fork and spoons from "take-away" lunches and dinner, paper bags from events, free gift of tumblers from events, free gift of plates and cups from groceries.... and so on. 

Did we also check expiry goods, foods, medicine, and toiletries samples. 

C. Living Hall & Bedroom

Lots of VCD, DVD kept untouched as we had now you tube and more channels for movies online - do consider to channel it to those who doesn't have access to the internet. In the bedroom, high pile of used towels and old bed sheets which you don't want to use anymore for the 5th time.

D. Kids Room

Toys and toys and toys! Kids are overwhelmed with too many toys from their birthdays, Christmas, good behavior days, grandparent love to buy them gift day, new year day and even holidays trip. 
Outgrown dresses and shirts is also some that should be given away.

E. Store Room

Everything in the store room mainly is for "just in case" and "memorable keepsake" which is too difficult to let go. For example I could find computer cables, stationaries, tools, papers, Christmas tree and ornaments, light bulbs, photo album, baskets from hampers and many more.


Where to donate, channel or sell for a minimal value all the unwanted things that I declutter? We just want to make sure the goods (which are in good condition) is channel to the right people to use. Here is some of the source that I found online and I use it quite often:

1. Beli Nothing Project (Klang Valley) - Give Away or To Receive

Image result for beli nothing project
Post anything you would like to give away, lend or share among neighbors & friends or even a future friend here. Ask for anything you would like to receive for free or borrow. Keep it legal & civil. No buying or selling, no trade or bartering as we are a gift community. Kindly arrange the logistics among yourselves... It may be a good idea to just give or take from someone nearby.

Do find more thread of Beli Nothing Project in FB for your area of stay. It would be easier as they have for Malacca, Sri Petaling, Cheras and others.

2. Jalan Jalan Japan - To buy Preloved Item from Japan

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Unit L3 Level 1Shamelin 56100, 032, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, Au 3, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hour: 10am to 10pm

The prelove business is unlike a regular store with a good spread of preloved goods from Bookoff Corporation Japan. Goods are arriving at the rate of one container a week. They are cleaned up in our warehouse before they arrives on our shelves.
All clothing item undergoes a hot steaming process, cleaning them, and clothes emerges odourless and are ironed and hung up for shipment to the stores. Jalan Jalan Japan prides itself in its ability to offer preloved goods at a fraction of the price when they are new. With a hundred ringgit, most shoppers will be able to take home a happy bundle of goods.
3. Artemis Space - 1 Shamelin

4. Carousell - Selling your New & Secondhand Goods

Carousell is a mobile and online consumer to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods. It is headquartered in Singapore.

Image result for carousell

Buy and sell with friends, people of similar interests, and communities that you care about! List something for sale in 30 secs and buy what you need in a chat.
5. Mudah.my - Selling your New & Secondhand Goods
Image result for mudah
Mudah.my allows anyone to buy and sell in his or her region simply and conveniently. Mudah.my connects millions of buyers and sellers in Malaysia every month by delivering remarkable user experience on the site. Every Malaysian can find something to buy or sell on Mudah.my! 


It has been interesting when I educate the kids that we need to sell or give away something before we receive. With this, we will not stock up a lot of junks at the same time could circulate our preloved thing for the use of others. 

Nevertheless, it is non-avoidable to see some who sell things at a higher price compare to retail. So, do shop wisely. Considering saving on petrol fees having to go and search for certain thing that you need urgent, online shopping is worth too. 

Will be updating on this thread continuously when I found anything trustworthy and interesting for us to reuse and recycle. 

Till then! Happy De-cluttering....Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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