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Amazing Art World Bandung, The Biggest 3D Art Museum in the World

We have 3 days in Lembang and I realised I had so much to do in Lembang. We are lucky not to miss this spot as we had spent 4 hours in Amazing Art World Bandung and this building is really huge. 
We had a few 3D art here in Malaysia but I can tell you Bandung's is a must visit if you are there. (Just like you, I thought to skip this attraction but we really had so much fun - liking how hubby and kids posing around the place for the picture perfect moment and me, admiring the arts! 

All drawn by a group of 20 Koreans artist and it's an international level. The resin affect flooring makes the entire place looks clean and surreal - eliminating the damage to the art piece)

Upon reaching Bandung Husein Sastranegara International Airport, we headed to the Grab car counter on the left upon exit. It took us 40 min to reach Amazing Art World Bandung (newly opened August 2017) 

Here is the entrance with the ticket booth

You will be getting this brochure after purchasing the ticket from the counter.

Before entering the 3DArt Exhibition, we are required to take out our shoes and put into a basket. Sofian is kind enough to let us leave our luggage there too. After we had completed the whole experience, we will collect our shoe from the exit counter.
Lovely entrance

It will be the Aqua Zone....love the big Octopus, sharks and underwater!

Look at the lovely flooring! Jaden say he looks like he is swimming too. ;P

This fish look so real and it is actually painted.

Next is Dinosaurs Zone!

Animal Zone the next...

Painting Zone Probably is our least interest, but one can be creative at this section. I personally like the money on the floor and kids telling me "Mummy! Its real!" Yes that one is real Ruppiah. ;)

Roma Italia Zone...

Some from the daily zone...

Love this one the most, he just took off his clothes and love the effect! He spot it!

There is also a Horror Zone on the way to the greatest Main Hall. 

This is when I thought the Horror Hall is the end then we saw this amazing huge hall with magnificent art to adore to. There is not many people at the time, so we had the whole space by ourselves. Always great when you go to places like this on a weekday.

Black Art Zone. We didn't bring our DSLR camera, but it's really lovely inside this zone. Do wear white base shirt as you see yourself glow too. 

There is a cafe before you move on to get something to eat and drink. So do take a break before you move on. Just enjoy and do not rush - be amazed of the art. You need energy to pose for great pictures. ;)

Fantasy Zone is the next. Haha we only could take some pictures as there are whole lot of it! 

Ahem, who is that you are kissing?

Super a lot in Winter Zone, but my best loved scene is this. I would want to leave others for the real experience (Haha - but reality - I am tired after 4 hours, waiting to check in to hotel soon)

Come to think, I have to stop here, so that you can experience for yourself what more they have inside. It's really a great attraction if you love art. A must visit if you are at Bandung. Have an overnight in Lembang so that you can have more time here,

Here is at the exit. A small cafe for you to chill and gather with a souvenir shop before that.

From far this look so real. haha
With love from us. Hope you enjoyed as much as we did when you go there. 

View from Amazing Art World Bandung - lovely sunset colour at exit after our 4 hour visit.

Where Is This?
PT. Amazing Art World
Jl. Setiabudhi No.293-295 Bandung
Hours: 9AM–9PM

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