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SONY Playstation VR Second Edition Review - a Big Screen Cinema and a family bonding gadget

Mummy always thought that VR is purely a game for the boys and here is daddy explaining why it's also a family games, a daddy-me-time-favourite and it could be the kids-bonding-with-dad gadget.

Here is daddy's very 1st review, and I could say he is loving it!


Just wanna share my thoughts after tested the VR for the very first time yesterday.

One simple word - It is another new era of gaming world!

The 'world' creates another own space for us to be immersed into it completely.


The experience is totally different with what we normally play or feel when playing PS4 games on a flat screen.

For me, PS4 and VR are 2 different machine, serving 2 different gaming experiences.

In terms of graphics, it could be better if Sony can increase the resolutions.

But this option could be restricted due the optimum limit of PS4 engine, as it has been quite a while in the market.

Perhaps Sony reserves the pride for future PS5.

Anyway, the full immersion will make us forgive/ forget this minor drawback.

The video watching mode is another credit to Sony to feel proud with; and for end users to feel worthwhile and more comfier for their investment.

When we in this mode, it teleports us to a private and best sitting place in a BIG Screen cinema!! Yes you heard me right, the big screen cinema.

The screen size can be further customized to 3 different sizes as you prefer.


This is 2nd Version and now running on promo with free 2 games.

We will share with all the packaging and item as well soon, so stay tune while daddy is still testing the unit!

Cheers All

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