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Stay, Eat and Shop at Chatuchak, Bangkok is heaven

I always love chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok and this time around, I had asked my sister to choose somewhere near the market for convenience. We had browse through some travel sites on flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and it’s not difficult to find the cheapest flights since we are on budget this time around. For only 3 days 2 nights, we list down some of our findings which we deem one should not miss during our very recent sister’s trip to Bangkok. Our best eatery and Shopping near Chatuchak, Bangkok.

Me and my elder sister is definitely like a runaway desperate housewife as leaving the family for a pure 3D2N shopping is heaven. We book our trip through Traveloka, and have a free and easy throughout the trip.

Where to Stay?
We choose Adventure Hostel and love the convenience to BIG C Supermarket. Within walkway, there are three 7-eleven nearby, street food, 10 min walk to Chatuchak weekend market, in front of MRT to link to big malls, big chill out area at the hostel and they have max a room for 3 on a bunk bed and an extra bed. The only drawback, we need to walk up on stairs on the top floor. 


Where To Eat?

If you are just like me who didn't manage to sleep well, as super excited to shop 24 hours if time allows to maximise our trip, there is some yummy street food that you can find along the road to chatuchak. 
We found this at 6am. Wah, so fulfilling... for me. For the other 2, rice for breakfast??? Haha.

Braised pork rice and pork noodle for day 1 breakfast.

Basil leaf and fried egg for Day 2 breakfast, with a banana before heading to Chatuchak again. No fancy restaurant, no seat, we ate standing and at a back lane, but pretty happy taking photos like a tourist.

Happy girl eating in the back lane eating rice, standing... haha. She can talk really long with a taxi driver - from Saphan Kwai Road to Pratunam Mall - full 40 minutes. Taxi driver told her lots about his personal experience and background, about the country and we can hear a lot of "same-same" in the conversation as she shared hers.

More delicacies from Chatuchak weekend market street food. Love the food here, and best is the waiter boy. He whisper to me, and say, I will give you discount. When we return the second time, he is so delighted waving at us. Hahaha. My sis are so crazy telling me he is waving at me! It was really hilarious as he wave from afar. Thanks to him, we manage to explore San Peng lane after some conversation.

The salted bake fish is really cheap, and big. The one that I had in Taman Desa in KL is so much smaller and more pricey. Oh, no.... miss Bangkok food already.

Fruit stalls on bike.

Yummy pork sausages at the entrance of Big C, Saphan Kwai. 

Where To Shop?

We did go to Pratunam, and some of other smaller malls, but it wasn't that as interesting as it's almost the same as KL Petaling street or Chow Kit's alike goods. We are much satisfied shopping at Chatuchak, San Peng Lane and Big C during our short trip.

The Chatuchak Weekend Market on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road is just 15-20 minutes walk from our hostel and we went there 2 times out of 3 days of our trip. It is the largest market in Bangkok and VERY worth a visit. Below is a map for your estimation of shops. It's really huge.

We found our wanted buys, mostly clothing's, from street wear to designers piece, but you have to go to the right lane. It's pretty hard to find back the same store unless you mark down the lane and look at the map. It's advisable to get the thing on the spot with negotiation the price. 

One time we would see wood carvings, souvenirs, handmade soap, Thai silk, and the next thing we saw are food stalls, drinks, desserts, handbags, shoes, and other knick knacks. 

Our blouse and pants that we wore in the hostel above are all bought from the market at a steal price THB100 each. Here is one lovely kids sling bag from Chatuchak market approximately RM14 per piece.

San Peng Lane near Chinatown opens very early in the morning. We went there about 7am, one or 2 store is open and shops open gradually and fully at about 9am. There are variety of wholesale price here if you buy more- ie. 3-10 pieces. 

We found some worthwhile goodies here which includes earrings, necklace, lots of cosmetics, gadgets, bags, lots of stationery, party packs and others. There is not many toy store here. I bought some nice clip on earrings for my daughter which I think is cheap as I can't find it in my area of stay.

Just do be careful of the bikes passersby due to narrow lane. It's a worthwhile 2-3 hours walk if you love to shops for knick knacks.
Wholesale for fashion jewellery at San Peng lane

As Big C is just opposite and pretty convenient, we had fun shopping for hours on snack. Lays, packed milk, snacks and snacks and instant noodles!

We went crazy buying and Shelina, being the youngest, she had to help to drag our bags to the 3rd floor of the hostel. That's what sisters are for. Haha. Thanks sis - we know we look like "Datin" who needs help. Our feet is almost not ours after a long walk.

7-eleven is a must visit too in Bangkok. There are four 7-eleven outlet near the place we stay so we never ran out of Thai yogurt drink daily. So much variety of drinks to choose from!

Super huge seal huggies for 990baht from Yellow Hippo Union Mall. I will get you a seat on the plane next time.

End of the trip, the memories of the "same-same" taxi driver and the waving waiter boy makes the two desperate housewife's day - who says married lady is not attractive? 😂😂😂

Penning this now, I am checking out Traveloka for it's next deal to Bangkok next year. Shopping is a therapy for girls and only we can understand each other. Haha! 

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