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Currency Exchange in KLIA will never be dull again with Travelex, an open concept store with retailtainment

Have you been in a situation like me where I would need to queue at least an hour at main shopping in town just to get the best exchange rate in town, checking exchange rate online but it differs at store and worse is when I reach the counter, I had to secretly hand over the money for exchange as if I am in a pawn shop or bartering something suspiciously? Well, the era has gone and today I am at Travelex, KLIA on it's launching - opening of 5 retailtainment' and 'open concept ' currency exchange store in KLIA.

Travelex is just in a 2 minute walk if you see this column at KLIA 1

There are 2 Travelex stores at KLIA departure area on Level 5 of the main terminal building while 3 are located at the arrival area on Level 3 of the main terminal building , satellite building and domestic contact pier. These bureau de change stores feature digital and interactive technology aim to create more engaging and fuss free transactions for those travelling through KUL (Kuala Lumpur international airport).

VIPs during the launched: James Birch (Global General Council-Travelex), Hani Ezra Hussin (GM of Commercial Business-Malaysia Airport), Rakesh Aravind (South Asia Trading Director & Malaysia Country GM-Travelex), Cameron Hume (Asia Pacific Commercial Director-Travelex) and Darren Brown (Australia & New Zealand Commercial Director- Travelex)

Travelex Malaysia marks the 1st pioneer in South Asia to offer 'retailtainment' and 'open concept ' currency exchange store, trading in over 42 currencies. 

This digital friendly stores are innovative, safer in term of assurance that you are changing your currency at a legit centre, charge no commission and offers a guarantee that the rate online is better than the rate offered in their retail store. Otherwise, Travelex will offer us a better rate on store at the time of collection.

Travelex Malaysia aim to have more digital panel in the future and currently there are 10 major currencies available for online reservation with a guarantee rate for 24 hours.  One may reserve via order online and collect in store, no online payment required. The term would be for a currency exchange of RM1000 above and 2 days in advance. 

I like it being open concept, spacious and we feel safer during the transaction.  There are an interactive app for quizzes and you may redeem a small gift upon completion. This would benefit the kids to understand more about currency exchanges and also for travellers while waiting for their flight.. I can also browse and book the rate online 2 days in advance, and get the same rate when I pick up from stores. There are also a guideline on how much currency that we should bring for travelling at big cities for our budget management. We just need to select the country flag that we are travelling, number of pax and duration of travel. Super Easy!

Travelex currently has an exclusive opening offer. Customer are entitle to a Travelex Travel Bag with minimum currency exchange of RM550 above, with 2 colours to choose from (Red or Blue).

Travelex focus on customer service and warm hospitality as I asked on how it differs with other providers. It also offers FX ATM in other country whereby one could withdraw foreign currency and even order currency in one country and to pick up from another country. London itself has 90 ATMs with Travelex branding. Best is withdrawal from Travelex in these countries are on par with store rate. If you are aware that ATM withdrawal from banks for foreign notes charge a higher transaction fee. Good news is Malaysia will be looking into having these ATM soon!

Erawan privilege card had also collaborate with Travelex and offering 10% off of any Eraman Outlets with minimum spending of RM250, in all stores from retail to F&B. This applies to others international airport retailers in each country.

Do check out Travelex at www.travelex.com.my and it's store at KLIA when you are heading to your next travel destination soon!

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  1. lepas ni lagi senang la nak exchange currency kat klia in case nak transit ke mana-mana tak payah keluar masuk klia semata nak tukar duit

  2. Nice. Senang lah lepas ni nak tukar currency. Tak sabar nak travel & exchange dkt sini. Terima kasih share ya.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Easier for me to exchange my Malaysia Ringgit to other currency especially when I go to Overseas later.

  4. Bagus.
    Style dia pun friendly, x mcm money exchange yg biasa kan.
    Sesuai la d klia. Tempat kita kuar masuk negara, kan. Terbaik.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


  6. This post makes me look forward to the next trip. this travelex looks very convenient, comfortable and more secure

  7. Ohh good to know this, how interesting! I like the open concept and they somehow manage to add some fun in that currency exchange space too with that quizzes panel with gift redemption! Great job!

  8. Ia baharu di Malaysia kan. Ia akan memudahkan urusan orang ramai kan. Lepas ini ia kan menjadi pilihan utama orang ramai. Apapun, terima kasih berkongsi info

  9. Lagi mudahlah lepas ini. Senang nak tukar untuk yang suka travel 👍

    Wahh, ada exclusive offer bagi yang tukar Rm550 ke atas. Dapat travelex Travel Bag. Boleh pilih red/blue. 👏

    Nice sharing Jessie

  10. Good sharing! Cayalah... System pun friemdly user. Sangat memudahkan urusan. Tak perlu dah risau kalai tak sempat tukar duit nanti.

  11. Sepatutnya kat KLIA ni kena letak perkara yang penting untuk seorang pelancong nak dapatkan dari sebuah negara seperti macam Currency Exchange kerana ia adalah pintu masuk utama orang ke negara kita.. Bagus cara ni murah tak tukat duit sana hehehe..

  12. Looks so great and convenience. No need to wait and que for long hour anymore. The best thing is Travelex can give the best online rate. Love it.

  13. Well this is great for frequent travelers especially those who always travel outside Malaysia. At least they can keep up with the current exchange rate

  14. Mostly we will find 3 or 4 bank offered to exchange your money. But what MAS do can make more easier to other, will avoid the long queue in airport just to exchange your money. Nice share and the traveler bag look coo too.

  15. Great! Travelex really did a good job and having outlets available in almost every part of KLIA is a great job!

  16. I tak pernah la exchange money ni semua, sebb tak pernh travel..tapi tgk ni macam memudahkan lagi traveler..good idea

  17. No no need to worry if forgot to exchange currency earlier cos can do here too. And great offers too.

  18. Wow, what a great concept they have. Definitely not a dull moment to exchange currency. Plus, they got a good offer too. 0% commission ! Easy for tourist to exchange currency in KLIA after this, 5 outlets in one roof, fuhhh

  19. Wahh bagusnya. Senang lepas ni nak tukar duit. Great offer they have!




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