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Strengthen body and increase stamina with Pat Chan Soup (八珍汤) - Eight Treasure Tonic

I call this one of the Chinese "Jamu". I love the taste of herbal soup and would boil it at leisure. But the norm is people usually drink it a week after menstruation to replenish blood in our body, increase our stamina and strengthen the body. If you have a heaty body in nature, you may want to boil it with more water so that it is like soup texture and less thick. This Pat Chan Soup (八珍汤) could be prepare by boiling the herbs by itself or to add in black chicken and egg. The taste is less bitter and can be consume as soup for dinner for the whole family. 

Here are the ingredients of the herbs for Pat Chan Soup (八珍汤). I can easily get it from Chinese Medicine shop and just need to mention herbs for Pat Chan Soup (八珍汤). They usually have it prepacked. 

If yo have problem identifying the names, here is a guide that I found in one of the confinement book and hope this helps:

Method of preparation:
1. Wash one black chicken, cut into 4 pieces
2. 4 Eggs, shell washed 
3. One packet of Pat Chan Soup (八珍汤) herbs, rinsed
4. Put everything into a pressure cooker with 1 litre of water
5. Set in 30 min on soup
6. Serves 4 pax

You could also opt to prepare 4 Hard boil Egg and put in after the soup is ready. 

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