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Marvel Studio in Malaysia - 10 years of Heroes Exhibition with super cool merchandise

Kuala Lumpur is a best city in Malaysia with the coolest place of interest in town. With the current addition Marvel Studio 10 Years of Heroes exhibition, there is no doubt that this is your next must visit place when you are at Kuala Lumpur. Marvel Studio is located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Elite 10th floor, next to the ever popular new craze dining HaiDiLao Malaysia. Check this out this coming school holiday and be it family time, school trip, outings and merely popping by, be sure to hop on for surprises, interactive activities, and it's super cool merchandise! You wouldn't want to miss any of these : 
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Welcome to the Marvel Studio's 1st chamber - explaining all histories of Marvel movies and characters over the 10 years.

Next  are Tony Stark's lab, featuring Iron Man’s life sized replicas of his different armour on display. There are an empty chamber that we could enter for photo. 

Tony Stark’s lab
This is seen right before the retail area, I just love to collate here together.

The amazing Nano Gauntlet from Ironman. If you would like to know the details of each stone, do explore a section towards the end of your exhibition journey. I leave it to your finding. Jaden took a long time there to hear sounds clips explaining each stones and other info.

The following exhibits would covers a projection of a few Iron Man suits for viewing.

The Captain America sections are great for photography with it's lovely blue. Not forgetting a life sized replica on site.

Some unique and colourful instagramable place in the exhibition area. Have fun snapping pictures and you may tag #MARVEL10MY 

This Life sized Thor does have some background lightning on. We tried boomerang on this, and the effect is awesome.

Boomerang fun at an immersive Bifrost bridge

Experiencing Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto 

Costume from Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange
We could experience how Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto where he experiments with it upon an apple, reversing and accelerating time around it. 
Eye of Agamotto

Groot, a tree-like being helping the Guardians of the Galaxy to keep the people of the universe safe. Here, Groot follows your dance and action in an interactive panel. Kids have some time giggling and look at how Groot action assemble theirs. 

Marvel's Black Panther exhibits.

The pathway to antman exhibits.

Huge life size Thanos statue.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the villain Thanos acquired the infinity stones for a gauntlet that let him snap his fingers and turn half the population to dust. In here, experience the decimation for yourself. It then captures our portrait and one can keep the QR code to upload the picture online. 

The final exhibits: 

Coming to the end of the exhibition after 1.5 hour and I am wowed by the amount of unique merchandised they have specially for this exhibition. One of my favourite is the magnetic spinning ironman which is very cool. Another 30 min spent here with a total of 2 hours and yet Jaden says not enough. He will want another trip to read all descriptions one by one and experience it again. ;)

Below 2 is my best favourites magnets.

And these are some cuties steel balls in marvel characters ;)

For the kids, here are some cute little merchandise. If you did not visit the exhibition, but you wish to get these souvenirs, you may enter from the exit to have a round too. 

If you have kids with you, they would be given a specially-created Marvel passport upon purchasing the ticket from the counter. There are 5 "Authorised Stamping Stations" that the kids could look forward to: Avengers, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor and Iron Man. Upon completed the mission, kids could redeem a badge at the collection counter in the retail area. The yellow badge of iron man is out of stock which is my favourite. 

Completing her stamps at one of the station

Selecting her "reward" badge - there are only 4 design left when we visited the place.

For adult, we may opt to purchase this Avengers Assemble Limited Edition box set with 5 badge for souvenir instead. All in one for RM29 only for now.

Be amazed with a photo wall featuring all marvels actor and actress who are in the Marvel movies over the years.

Where is this? 
Level 10, Pavilion Elite, 168, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
 Dates: 28 June to 27 October 2019
 Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Avengers ID card could be purchase at additional RM10

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