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Spare kids phobia on maths and a unique whole brain development should starts from young

I always believe that our brain is a powerful organ in our body that connects the logic, control, analytical, reasoning, science, reality and strategy besides the ability to create imagination, creativity, intuition, art, music and emotions. Therefore, the input of learning over time is important for brain development in any child and it has to starts young. Recently, we experience a unique learning experience using Magic finger, that are able to count up to 9 on 5 fingers and counting 10 to 99 using 10 fingers. 

Magic finger is use throughout to build confidence of a child who finds maths a difficult subject. While it only takes 3 to 4 month to master depending to the capability of a child, it helps improving their maths, stimulation of right n left brain, using an extensive plus and minus calculation. I had it hands on and yes, it's unique, and easy to catch up on. 

There are other method besides Abacus lessons to improve maths and child can always choose one  technique that they like. However, they should not be limit to just one method of learning but should be exposed to various ways, be it to cross check their calculations or an ability of creative thinking to solve maths problem. Do you know there are also a Vedic maths method that calculating using patterns, which can do a quick addition, minus, multiply, and division. 

The correct learning and lesson would be able to activates the brain, strengthen the brain connections, makes memory stronger, increase retention power, develops personality and improves IQ. 

I had a sit down at BrainCarve, Kota Kemuning last Saturday to get more insights on this centre that are able to help my daughter for maths and other learning and here sharing you some findings that you would want to explore with your child. 

I do like the fact that the classes are in a small group, and the duration for each class is 2 hours each week, a month of 4 lessons. I can easily slips on 4 hours for it's both 6 in 1 program and English lesson thereafter. The 6 in 1 programs not only cover magic fingers, abacus and Vedic Maths, it also covers personality development, 
thinking technique, improving public speaking, memory technique to boost memory using visualise to memories on a long term.

As for the math program, there are 8 levels and suitable for a child from 5 years old up to 16 years old. There would be a 3 months evaluation to share with parents and an assessment on maths upon registration.

While learning should be a long term, it's always encourage to get a year program to see the best result. Do check out their free trials and I do feel the fees are reasonable giving it a 2 hours lesson.

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