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New norm after Covid-19, It's time to clean curtain and carpet!!

Covid-19 and MCO in Malaysia definitely brings a big impact last 2 months and today, I finally able to get Pressto to come and bring my carpet to wash. With kids around, the carpet is their playground, snacking place at time and 2 months without washing is not very hygienic. Using Pressto pick up service is super convenient this CMCO. But yes, my parent is very concern with strangers coming to home too.

Well, we just need to adapt to the new norm, and have to start living instead of just hiding at home given that there are already improvement with Covid cases. We just need to take precaution and clean up the places after they leave the place from our end.

Right now, Pressto is having 20% off cleaning and pressing for all household items: bedsheet, blanket, pray mat, sofa cover, cushion cover, towels, including curtain and carpet! It's the first time offer for curtain and carpet, so not going to miss this offer and in 2 weeks, I am getting back my carpet in squeaky clean manner!

Let me show you how the new norm be. Pressto staff has taken the precaution, equipped the staff with mask, gloves and disinfect. To protect themselves too, they had to disinfect our dirty items and laundry first before putting into their laundry bag to be taken away to their service center to wash.

Today I got my curtain rail roller fixed at the same time. Thanks Tony for the extra service finding the right roller for my old curtain rail. Definitely not easy to get and appreciate the effort. After fixing it firmly for me, he help to disinfect the curtains too, just to be safe.

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