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Tak boleh pergi Legoland MCO ni? Tak pe, singgah peti sejuk jap.

When kids wanted to go Legoland, it's not possible this MCO, CMCO, CB cause they can't go out during Covid, and they wanted to play ice,  just let them be. You just need to pay a little more electricity coz they keep open n shut your fridge. But it's so funny seeing these mini people on the ice tray like sitting on a plane with beers n carrot?

Da tak boleh pergi Legoland this MCO, CMCO, Jom mak mak layan budak jap. Best pon, sbb tak yah modal, cuma kena byr bill lektrik lebih jer sikit. Dari bebudak dok tgk tv kan gitew? Pas ni boleh try n share share ya. Idea budak yang tak pernah tak surprisekan maknyer. Haha

Salam aidilfitri semua!
@legolandmalaysia @lego #lego

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