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Lunch at Iron House Kopitiam 铁皮屋

It has been our weekend routine now to find places to eat during weekend, and google map is pretty useful and places for breakfast at Serdang brings us to Iron House Kopitiam 铁皮屋. I would have thought its a traditional kopitiam looking at some internet photos. It's a new Kopitiam with a taste of decor that resembles old times. We ordered a few dish to try and here is my honest review: 

I ordered pan mee hand torned, it came out in a cut piece, nothing much like those olden batu road pan mee that is thin, really hand torned. This one is thick and quite a big piece to chew. Soup is ok, but son reverted the ikan bilis is very salty. I give this dish a 6.

Nasi Lemak Sotong - taste is ok, but the spicy chilli sotong is too hot, cant finish the dish. Unless if you have a tastebud that can handle 8 to 10 spicy ratio. As mine is 6 to 7 spicy tolerance. 

Cendol is creamy and enough presence of gula melaka. Just remember to ask them to serve after food if u prefer, else they would serve before food and it will melt after you are done with your main meal. Cendol is on a sweeter side, same goes to the ais kacang.

Sitiawan fish cake is standard and nice. Lobak not to our liking, kids felt that its not cook. I would say the texture is not dry on the inside, they felt the meat is a bit lembik thus feel not cook.

On a positive side, they have a lot of space that is nice for pictures, OOTD. :) Love the spacing of the tables, not crowded.

Where Is This?

Iron House Kopitiam 铁皮屋

Jalan BS 3/1, Taman Bukit Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

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