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Enjoy wine with Different glasses

Just to share my experience from yesterday's wine class. The things amazed me the most, maybe some of you already know, the taste of wine changes in different type and shape of glass we use. Sounds unbelievable? 

I experienced it myself in the class. We poured the wine into the 1st correct type of glass, swirl it, nose it, followed by a sip. The next step is to pour the wine from 1st glass into 2nd wine glass that suit for other type of wine, swirl, nose, and sip. Repeat the same process through 3rd glass and into the last disposable paper cup.

The taste of wine changed from one glass to another. From the 1st correct wine glass, we can get the perfect sense of aroma, with layers of taste when the wine flow in through the lip, the tongue, and went in our body. The taste totally change in 2nd, 3rd wine glass, no staggered taste, either just flat, or strong alcohol taste. The worse taste was the last disposable paper cup.

The set of glass I use in the class yesterday. 5 of them

The amazing part is when we pour the remaining wine from the last paper cup back to the 1st correct type of glass. The beautiful aroma and taste came back!! 

The taste changes from different glass wine came with scientifically proven basis of facts behind it. Long story short, the wine guru explained the dimensions and shape of wine glass create different velocity of liquid flow when we turn the wine glass from upright into drinking position, that varied the intensity of the mixture of ingredients in wine by travelling through the different distance and the shape of glass during the process, and with different liquid sharpness of wine flow edge the moment it flows into our mouth. All these factors change the taste of wine!

1 - White wine Chardonnay 
2 - Red wine Burgundy 
3 - Fruity white wine Sauvignon Blanc 
4 - Red wine Merlot, Shiraz and Bordeaux

Type of glass to use depend on type of barrel cask the wine use to store, location of vineyards and the fermentation process. Generally, most of the oak cask wine will use a wider, fatter and not as tall wine glass. 

For example like white wine Chardonnay and red wine Burgundy, the different between these two is Chardonnay uses fat, shorter and wider opening. While Burgundy uses taller and shallower opening. But both uses the fattest body type among others. So to achieve it's staggered aroma and taste.

For white wine Sauvignon Blanc, more to grape and fruity variety is suitable to drink with slimmer and taller glass.

Then the more popular red wine like Merlot, Shiraz, and Bordeaux can use the glass with diameter in between the first two type, but the tallest among all.

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