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Fancy a Selangor Farmstay? We did a Family Group Outing at Lolomike's Homestay, Kerling Selangor

A casual review from Jaden of this trip. (To me, kids are not biased). This farm is located in Kerling, Selangor, one hour to 1.5 hour from Kuala Lumpur, depending on which KL are you form. This farm are planted with many vegetables and also had many chickens, ducks and geese.they also have a fish pond full of tilapia and edible fish for us to eat. The problem is, you should not visit that place when it is rainy. If you want, you should wear slippers as there are lots of mud. We stayed in a bungalow that has a karaoke machine and there are few big rooms. It is full of entertainment and the bungalow is very big.

There is a set of mahjong for you to play, or you can even bring your own. Mahjong table is provided and the adults entertained themselves for a very long time there. (Haha, this statement shows that he is being left out a little)

The river shown here is not clear because it just rained one day ago. The river should be clear and we can see the fishes inside.

Papaya tree knocked down by a wild boar. Do not worry as the wild boar will not come out if they see humans.

They also grew many lime trees there . You could go there to pluck the limes during the tour. Bring mousquito repellent as there is lots of moisquitos there.

These chicks and ducklings shown here needs to be put in quarantine for one month to keep them healthy until they grew up.

The campfire area for you to enjoy at night. But we could not because it was raining. I am in the photo venturing the place and picking samples of natural water.

The picture above is breakfast served in the morning.

And if you find snails, you should take them and throw them into the river for the fish to eat as they are pests to the plants

The breakfast next day in the morning are beehoon, nasi lemak, eggs from the farm for you to make hard boiled eggs and half boiled eggs. The eggs are the eggs from the chickens they farm. But i don't really think that the nasi lemak and the beehoon is good.

After breakfast, some of us went on the farm tour. The tour is nice but they told us to be careful of the leeches in the puddles of mud. Those who didn't join could enjoy themselves hanging around in the bungalow. 

If its a rainy day, you need to initiate and ask for the tour, else there is pretty much nothing to do there, and no one will come to you for any activity. Service I would say, not much there, mostly not much attention given.

You are also able to paint bamboos to bring back.

The balconry at the bungalow we are staying. It is very big and wide. It is also a good place to hang out.

Our steamboat dinner. They have fishballs, fried rice ,vegetables , fu zhok , noodles and grilled tilapia. The vegetables are grown fresh by the farm. But i almost lost my appetite when i saw a fly that gets into the fish. But i will mostly recommend bringing your own food to bbq.

 They also had one goat there. The goat can go out to eat grass but must be bought back to the cage by the workers there.

Having fun chasing ducks. The way ducks waddle is very funny while chasing them.

They also had a trampoline for you to jump in.

There is one part of the river that they allow you to do water rafting . You cant swim there because the river is 6 feel deep. Wear the life jacket there before you go down. It feels challenging to row the boat by just using 1 bamboo stick.

           Leaked footage of mating ducks in the rain. What a coincidence. 

They have fresh durians from the durian trees they planted there for you to eat. The durians are not treated by pesticides but natural fertilizers

We do not worry if there is no campfire. We still van make smores by using the charcoal the people left over.
They do taste sweet and good.

The tour guide of the farm is in the middle. He explains that the vegetables and plants grew here is treated with eco fertilizer.

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